What necklace to wear with a high neck dress or top

Styling an outfit with a high neck is easy when you know how. Although we’re moving on into the summer months, it’s no secret that the weather can be truly unpredictable. It’s always handy to have a backup high neck top or dress available for any occasion.

Wearing jewellery with a high neck can confuse a lot of people. There seems to be a misconception that necklaces can only be worn on a bare neckline. This. is. a. Lie.

Take a look at our top picks for necklaces to wear when you’ve got your high neck on. You can thank us later… when you’ve received all the compliments.

Gold Vermeil Nest Choker With Bubble Gum Resin - £400.00

Gold Vermeil Nest Choker With Bubble Gum Resin

High neck clothing is often casual. Although there are some exceptions, fabrics are typically knitted or cotton. This gorgeous Bubble Gum Resin necklace is handmade by Emily Grace Jewellery. Need a go-to piece to elevate your casual jumper? You’ve found your match right here.

You might think that a choker doesn’t go with a high neck, but this is a huge misconception. In fact, the choker lends itself well to a chic layered style. High neck, choker, pendant. The perfect three. This particular choker can be worn loosely for a more relaxed feel if you like.


Scarab Choker With Emeralds - £2,039.00

Scarab Choker With Emeralds

Loose fitting chokers are becoming a recurring theme here… but they are just too irresistible. High neck or not, a loose choker adds a little fashion finesse to any style ensemble. This Scarab Choker is made by LA-based brand called Conges. Lead designer Jasmine Penna pays tribute to serenity and spirituality in her jewellery. With a philosophy of well-being and positivity, it’s no surprise that this choker is flying off the virtual shelves.


Yellow Gold Plated Zanna Necklace With Aquamarine - £66.00

Yellow Gold Plated Zanna Necklace With Aquamarine

We’re in love with this dainty and delightful necklace by Coco & Kinney. It’s understated, glamorous and chic all at the same time. Aquamarine is well-known for having a calming, soothing and cleansing aura. Your jewellery is a reflection of  you, so channel your meditative mood this season. What better way to motivate yourself than by self-purchasing a talisman of fearlessness, confidence and protection?


18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Baori One Pendant Necklace - £75.00

18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Baori One Pendant Necklace

Jewel Tree London have recently launched the much anticipated Baori collection, inspired by the dark subterranean world of passageways and chambers. Add a little architectural structure to your high neckline in the form of luxury handmade jewellery. This will be a lovely antithesis to the fabric and style of your clothing. Not to mention that it’s the perfect pendant length. Lightweight, comfortable and contemporary are words synonymous with this piece.


Rose Gold Feather Locket - £110.00

Rose Gold Feather Locket

Look your absolute best with lockets this season. They are beautiful, elegant, and somewhat mysterious. What lies within? It’s your secret. This wonderful piece has been expertly crafted by Lily Blanche. It is engraveable, and makes for the perfect gift to a loved one. If you thought it couldn’t get any more meaningful, the little feather symbolises wisdom and light. Brighten up your daily high neck style, and make others envy your look.


 Images sourced from Pinterest.