We’re told Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. That is until you’re paying extortionate rates for a sub-par Valentine’s set menu. Or squeezed into an overcrowded cocktail bar amongst a sea of PDA. Call me cynical, but I’m simply a realist. With the momentous expectations this fateful day in February fabricates, a Valentine’s Day flop is unfortunately quite likely. Ditch the dinner dates and try something new this Valentine's Day. I have friends who revel in the cliche chocolates and teddy bears - and they’re way past their teenage years! I equally have friends who grab a bottle of wine and relish their state of independence and self-love. Whether Valentine’s Day is an occasion to love or loathe, discover some unique ways you can guarantee a fun (and flirty if you fancy) Valentine’s Day. 

Have a themed dinner together

Choose your favourite cuisine and build a night around it. Tequila and tacos perhaps? Or bourguignon and Bordeaux? Go on a journey around the world with your Valentine. Listen to French music whilst you sip on fine French wine. Bask in Bach whilst feasting on bratwurst for a German-inspired evening of bliss. You can be as creative as you like with a date night like this. Obviously, if a guy actually wants to take you away, get the real thing. But who says you can’t see the world from the chaos of your kitchen?

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Netflix and chill

I remember one year, my significant other and I dressed up as our favourite Netflix characters, drank wine and binged the season in a night. To this day it is one of the best date nights I have ever had. If you’re a couple who don’t take life too seriously, this date will guarantee fun and laughter. Get creative with your outfits and have a some PG (or non-PG) role-play - hopefully he’s more of a Brad Pitt type. This low-key date ensures fun. I’m still waiting for my Oscar nomination.

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Listen to jazz

There’s nothing quite as romantic as sipping whiskey and listening to live jazz. Transport yourself back to the 1920s with a cool and classy date. Whether you’re a blossoming romance, or have been married for years. This classic date idea exudes romance and desire. Let the crisp jazz beat sweep you off your feet with your lover by your side.

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Drink wine (all of it) with friends

Valentine’s Day is not just for the lovers. Grab your best friend, or your ten best friends and drink the night away with wine and laughter and love. Valentine’s Day is a day burdened with expectations. But your friends will never let you down. Don’t let Valentine’s Day make you feel alone and melancholic. Be independent, single, and your best self this Valentine’s Day. I’ll be out with my friends - follow suit for a night that won’t let you down!

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Connect your chakras this Valentine’s Day with sensual massages with your other half. Go all out and indulge in a spa experience. Or make your own magic at home, transforming your living room into a haven of relaxation. Candles, incense, and some seductive massage oils is all you need to express your love for your Valentine. Get your zen on and bask in intimacy this Valentine’s Day. Romance is waiting to blossom.

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See a burlesque show

Valentine’s Day is the night to embrace sensuality. If your dance moves aren’t enough to win your Valentine over… leave it to the professionals with a sultry and saucy burlesque show. We’ve all seen the film with Cher and Christina Aguilera - who wouldn’t want to spend an evening like that? It might even inspire you to take up a new hobby…

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Have an ugly shirt date

Find your ugliest shirt and hit the town together looking your worst. Do it with your pals, your partner, your husband - anyone. As long as your have an ugly-shirted partner in crime, your shared embarrassment will make it all the sweeter. Just imagine the looks you’ll get as your rock up to drinks both sporting the jazziest shirts to grace the earth. Why be boring and unoriginal when you can be the most striking couple in the bar (for all the wrong reasons). Need some cufflinks to make that shirt a little less gauche?

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Hendrick’s and Haikus

Gin and poetry? What could be better. A haiku is a three line poem with a syllable structure of 5, 7, 5. Everyone with an ounce of creativity can write a haiku, so get poetic with your Valentine writing hilarious haikus whilst sipping Hendrick’s gin. As the drinks flow, you’re haikus will become more and more tragic - or more genius? Who knows. You’ll remember the night you poured your intoxicated heart out through the magic of poetry. Sounds pretty good to me.

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Go on a night walk

There’s nothing quite as romantic as walking around a city at night. Grab yourself a bottle of champagne. Wrap up in your warmest coat. And stroll arm in arm along the London’s embankment or past the Seine as you reminisce with your significant other. If you want to pull out all the stops, plan your route around dates you’ve been on with your Valentine for a trip down memory lane. Quality time with your beloved never gets old, so treat him/her to some old school romance this Valentine’s Day.

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Go to a life drawing class

For guaranteed nudity this Valentine’s Day… go to a life drawing class. Whether or not you’re a competent artist, drawing is always therapeutic. Find your inner Van Gogh at a Valentine’s Day art class and let the creativity flow. Even if all you’re left with is a stick figure on your paper, you’re bound to have fun as long as you’re with your Valentine. Alternatively, if you can’t find a class to go to, DIY at your home. We all want to be drawn like one of your French girls...

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 Now I've provided you with the inspiration, it's time for you to get planning! Treat your Valentine to a night they'll never forget... for all the right reasons.

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