In just a few weeks, Sotheby’s will be auctioning some of the rarest, most exquisite jewels in their Magnificent Jewels auction. This renowned event showcases jewels of superior status, with rich a-list histories and incomparable quality. Their last Magnificent Jewels auction witnessed a total sales of $46 million. However with some of the astonishing jewels on offer this year, one can predict that new records will be set.

On April 2, Sotheby’s Hong Kong will host the Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite auction. From timeless Cartier panthers to floral motifs, the auction is rich with coloured gemstones and intricate designs. Sourcing the finest jewellery from legendary jewellery maisons such as Van Cleef & Arpels, the collection combines history and innovation through an array of unique gems.

However, the jewel that is sparking most conversation this year is a 88.22 carat, D colour, Flawless, Type IIa diamond, with an estimated value of $12 million. This diamond is one of only three oval diamonds over 50 carats to have been auctioned, making it a highly desirable lot. Sotheby’s insinuates that this diamond will be especially appealing to Asian buyers: "in China and other Asian cultures, the number eight is considered lucky – a symbol of perfection and eternity, associated with prosperity." Take a look at this truly spectacular diamond.

The Spectacular 88.22-Carat Oval Diamond

Describing the stone, David Bennett, Worldwide Chairman, International Jewellery Division, said: “For those who have had the chance to see the diamond, one adjective comes back: “breathtaking”. Barely any diamonds of this weight are known to possess the same exceptional qualities of purity and perfection as this remarkable stone which is so full of fire and blinding brilliance.”

Another highlight from the Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite auction has to be the renowned Cartier Ruby, Diamond and Onyx Bangle, 'Panthère'. Featuring onyx spots, pear-shaped emerald eyes, and a ruby weighing 10.01-carats, this design masterpiece is a timeless vision to behold. The pavé-set brilliant-cut diamond design creates a seductive bangle which emanates luxury.

An Important Ruby, Diamond and Onyx Bangle, 'Panthère', Cartier Estimate   8,000,000 — 9,600,000  HKD An Important Ruby, Diamond and Onyx Bangle, 'Panthère', Cartier Estimate   8,000,000 — 9,600,000  HKD

Senior Director of Sotheby’s Luxury Division, Frank Everett, claims: “Nothing is more iconic than Art Deco jewellery from Cartier,” so how could anyone resist this wildcat wonder?

In an interview with Flaunt magazine, Frank Everett identified the Paulding Farnham necklace as the showstopper of the New York Magnificent Jewels auction. This necklace will be auctioned on April 17 at Sotheby’s New York, and is “without question” the most attention-commanding piece of the whole event. Made in 1904 for TIffany & Co., the “diamond and enamel necklace is so special, so rare and in such impeccable condition, it will have the most jaded collectors buzzing. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, the likes of which very few people have seen”.

 the Paulding Farnham necklace  the Paulding Farnham necklace

This piece is not nearly the most expensive piece of the auction, however its unique and unusual design is predicted to attract attention from all over the globe. With an estimated value of $200 thousand, it will be exciting to see if its unique allure will defy predictions.

Amongst the various sapphires, emeralds and other coloured gemstone delights present at the auction, a white diamond serpent necklace elegantly lays. This Bulgari masterpiece has an estimated value of $1 million and is encrusted in gleaming white diamonds. Everett identifies serpents and floral motifs as the most timeless designs, as we always see luxury jewellery houses reinventing them. Iconic designs and exceptional stones define the Magnificent Jewels auction according to the expert, and so this Bulgari masterpiece certainly hits the mark.

You’ve seen the top picks from the Magnificent Jewels collection. Time to find out what they reach at auction!

 Images courtesy of Sotheby's