Even in 2019, Valentine’s Day is centred around the stereotype of the inadequate and hopeless male gift-buyer. In one swift search, such stereotypes gain access to the most intricate and elaborate gift guides, ‘thoughtful’ date ideas and authentic presents. They are able to feign originality and consideration through the backstage effort of a team of marketing whizzes. Of course, I have nothing against this. I confess on occasions I have trekked through the depths of the world wide web to find ‘personal’ and ‘thoughtful’ gifts due to my shameful lack of imagination. In the end, despite his enthusiastic efforts, it seemed that night vision goggles missed the mark as a Valentine’s Day gift… needless to say, we are no longer together.

My pet peeve of Valentine’s Day is that women still harbour the unfair label of being notoriously difficult to buy for, having unattainable expectations and in constant pursuit of a that extravagant proposal. In reality, a home cooked dinner or a CD will do the job grandly! The same goes for men. Being personal, understated, and considerate of their desires are three key points to remember when buying gifts. And that’s not so hard, is it? This time of year, we cannot escape the hearts, balloons, and chocolate boxes. Ditch the cliches this year and gift something that they can love and treasure. Don’t overdo it with obscure and meaningless presents (I learnt the hard way with the tragic night vision goggles). Stay classy with a piece of jewellery he’ll love.

Whether your man is a necklace-lover, a cufflink-collector or mad for rings, find a gift that says ‘I love you’ in all the right ways this Valentine’s Day.

A Ring For Your King

Whether you’re in a blossoming relationship or would like to remind your husband of your devotion, we have a ring for every union. The Duco Ring is a simple and elegant pick for your man to wear on any occasion. Crafted in sterling silver, designer Paul Magen sought inspiration in boyhood dreams of finding shipwrecked treasures. The textured surface makes a contemporary ring that any man can sport. For something a little more personal, Star Wedding Rings have a range of intimate pieces to express a deeper devotion. Go for a classic signet ring and engrave it with the initials of you or your beloved. If you’d like to renew your love for your significant other, the Titanium Flat Court Shape Matt Embossed Ring With Diamonds. With the option of having the inner band engraved, pour your heart into this stylish piece.

Sterling Silver Duco Ring Cushion-shaped 9kt Yellow Gold Lightweight Signet Ring Titanium Flat Court Shape Embossed Wedding Ring With Round Diamond

Cufflinks - Your Heart On His Sleeve

Cufflinks are the perfect Valentine’s Day for a man who likes to dress sharp. If your man keeps his style dapper and debonair, find him a pair of cufflinks that’ll make him feel like the height of sophistication. For effortless elegance, choose The Cognat Atlantic Salmon Leather Cufflinks finished in black. The classic design and leather textures are a typical masculine design. For something a little more playful, Fei Liu’s Zebra Stone Cufflinks are a fashion-forward pick for a man whose style is edgy and bold. The smooth surface and pattern exudes a flair for fashion. Finally, the intricate and methodical design of LC COLLECTION’s Vintage Round Watch Movement Cufflinks make them the perfect item to gift your mechanical-lover boyfriends. Let them wear your heart on their sleeves with these chic cufflinks.

Cognac Atlantic Salmon Leather Black Finish Cufflinks Brass White Black Zebra Stone Cufflinks Silver Plated Brass Vintage Round Watch Movement Cufflinks

A Loving Embrace - Bracelets

Circular in form symbolising eternity and endurance, a bracelet is a lovely gift to signify your care and devotion. Not every man conventionally opts for a bracelet, but it is an item that can enhance any man’s authentic style. For the artist, gift the Stonehenge Metallica Bracelet. Its unique mesh balls create clean architectural finesse. For your chilled and contemporary-styled partner, the Faris Square Midi Silver Bangle by Anchor & Crew radiates minimalist magic. The leather bracelet by Marlin Birna is the best pick for the rough-and-ready type. Each of Marlin Birna’s bracelets are unique due to the distinctive marking on every piece of salmon leather. So give one-of-a-kind gifts filled with meaning this Valentine’s Day. Not only will your partner look on-trend, he’ll be filled with love and generosity.

Sterling Silver Grey Stonehenge Metallica Bracelet Faris Square Midi Silver Bangle Cognac Atlantic Salmon Leather Gold Plated Bracelet

Bold Brooches

Brooches are this season’s hottest item for both men and women. Fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris saw runways adorned with bold, statement brooches. It seems every man needs a brooch to embellish his wardrobe. Wear on lapels of blazers, pockets of coats, or scarves - make it natural, and make it you. These three brooches are very different but equally chic. The Oxidised Filigree Bee Brooch is my personal favourite. The intricate patterns within the design and quirky appearance will be marveled at by your Valentine. My two other picks, both featuring elegant leaf designs, radiate natural beauty. Your man will look sharp and powerful when sporting a brooch.

Oxidised Filigree Bee Brooch  Sterling Silver Thuja Leaf Brooches Two Leaf Diamond Brooch

Feel Young And Reckless With A Cheeky Necklace

Aren’t necklaces the perfect present? A gift which puts your heart right next to his, like a loving embrace. At JewelStreet, we have a necklace for every man. Whether you want to give a gift that says ‘I love you’ or you’d like to gesture at something slightly naughtier… peruse my picks and up his neck game this Valentine’s Day. Kickstart Valentine’s Day with a bang with AKILLIS’ Bang Bang titanium and Black Diamonds Pendant. The matte black is highly fashionable, imbuing a sexy edge to your man’s style. For something a little quirkier, Tracy Hills Jewellery’s Kestrel Bird Claw necklace is the go-to design for a man whose aesthetic is playful, dark and a little mysterious. And finally, for a gift that perfectly epitomises the sensual, saucy and seductive associations with Valentine’s Day, gift Allumer’s Allumersutra Pendant - it’ll make his day… or night...

Bang Bang Black Titanium and Black Diamonds Pendant Allumersutra 30MM Silver Pendant Necklace - Girl And Boy - The Plough Gold Vermeil Kestrel Bird Claw - With Chain

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Make his Valentine's Day one he'll treasure forever with unique, handcrafted, beautiful jewellery. The magic starts with that one special purchase!