Deciding what to wear to a winter wedding can be difficult. Summer weddings are a breeze. You have about ten floaty dresses for some go-to ethereal elegance. But winter? Oh no. You have to battle the elements. You have to lug around a chic-yet-functional coat. You have to master the muted colours of winter whilst looking fresh and fabulous. It’s official. Winter weddings are a struggle.

To ease the pain of having to find an outfit for a winter wedding, discover six outfits, including jewellery, to wear to your next wedding event. From glamorous ensembles for formal weddings to cute and quirky outfits. Look no further for your next winter wedding outfit.


Celestial jewellery

The celestial trend has been a huge runway hit over the past few years. From Dior’s ethereal gowns to the XXL celestial jewellery that has been scattered throughout designer collections. Channel some cosmic magic through your look with stars and moons jewellery. London Road Jewellery’s dainty star bracelet is an elegant piece to adorn your winter wedding outfit. Style alongside a flowing gown to be the star of the show (without upstaging the bride!)

Ultra feminine

Feminine jewellery

Weddings are beautiful celebrations. With gorgeous floral displays and romantic themes, weddings are often like a dream you want to embody. Why not embrace the romance with an ultra feminine look that encapsulates the splendour of the occasion. Whether your idea of femininity is a striking outfit or a dainty pair of shoes, put together an outfit that brightens the dark winter skies with radiance and sophistication. These chandelier earrings will make you feel like the height of luxury, perfect for your next winter wedding.

70s glamour

colourful jewellery

70s fashion is the ultimate trend of today. Over fashion week, in Milan, London, New York and Paris, 70s-inspired clothing and jewellery glided down the runway. Statement collars, bell bottoms, or multi-textured jewels can come together to form a chic 70s-inspired look. Pair a coloured sequin dress with this vintage-look ring by Gemdrop. The electric turquoise colour is perfectly offset with the dark black diamonds. Finesse your winter wedding look with colour and fun.


Red dresses

gold jewellery for red dress

HAIM are the perfect fashion icons to inspire your winter wedding look. The trio embody dark romance in their red couture Dior gowns. Red is a beautiful winter colour. Vibrant yet sultry, bring out the warmth of those fresh red hues with gold jewellery that emanates sophistication. This beautiful lariat necklace by London-based designer Arialis will elongate your torso, so a plunging neckline would be the perfect accompaniment for this jewellery item.

Bronzed up

bronze jewellery

We always talk about gold and silver in fashion, but what about the shimmering sister of these two metals - bronze. Smokey and warm, incorporate bronze into your winter wedding look for an edgy ensemble that stands out from the rest. To enhance the warm hues of your bronze outfit, pair with a gleaming gold pair of authentic hoops - the ultimate jewellery item for the modern woman. You’ll combat the winter cold with this gorgeous warm ensemble.

Sultry textures

textured jewellery

Velvet, organza, suede. Shake up the wedding guest fashion conventions with some sultry textures that epitomise elegance. These beautiful mother of pearl earrings by Latelita London combine contemporary design and traditional textures to form a fashion fusion that demands attention. Feel unique and beautiful with these dazzling earrings.