I visited the shops last weekend and was greeted by a tsunami of panic. People were rushing, sweating, and I kid you not...crying. Christmas present shopping is the pinnacle of stress for most people. And, believe it or not, the Christmas panic can be contagious.

I was just out here living my best festive life, and then it dawned on me. Christmas is only next week, and I should really be feeling the pressure. But, why aren't I?

In this moment of deep introspection, I deduced something extremely important. Everybody has a different style of gifting, and hence, a different style of shopping. This tends to dictate if your presents are well-received. 

Take a look at the top 5 types of Christmas shopper. Which one are you? I've added in some helpful tips for you to take on board for next year. You can thank me later!

Calm and collected shopper

You are an organised shopper, the kind that everyone looks up to. You have a list, and you stick to it. You make it look so easy. You know what you’re buying, you know where you’re buying it from, and you know that it will be loved by the recipient. We all envy you.

Often heard saying:

“I buy my presents only once I’ve organised all of my lists, and know where to source everything from.”

We know you probably already have your presents for this Christmas sorted, but why not start browsing for next year? You can never be too prepared. Take a look at our Gifts section HERE. 

Over-eager shopper

You’ve been humming Christmas tunes all year round, despite the cries from friends and family that it will bring you bad luck. You have your presents bought, beautifully wrapped and put under the tree before the Christmas adverts have even started. You can spot a good bargain, and you get most of your gifts in the January sales. It’s never too early for Christmas shopping in your eyes.

Often heard saying:

“Christmas is an all year round event. I put my decorations up in October, and I don’t care what anyone says.”

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The Grinch shopper

You wish you could be anywhere else. The happiness, the joy, the festivities - this is not your vibe at all. You’re a grab-the-first-thing-you-see-and-go type of shopper. Will they like it? Doesn’t matter, it’ll do. You’ve not hit the mark with presents for years, and your family expect the worst from you.

Often heard saying:

I don’t give gifts, I’m enough of a gift already. People can just enjoy my company.”

Take a look at our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for some quick present inspiration. It may be too late to rectify your gifts this Christmas, but you can always buy your loved ones a present to redeem yourself in the New Year. We’ve done all the thinking for you.


You try your best shopper

Your heart is in the right place but sometimes the stars don’t align for you. You make sure you leave time for Christmas shopping, but get stuck in endless traffic. It’s either that, or the shops have closed early. Sometimes you can be overly ambitious and try too hard to please. Just trust in yourself, and all will work out in the end.

Often heard saying:

I would love to give my mum a luxury piece of jewellery made from the finest materials. Hopefully I’ll have the time and the money to organise it all.”

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The Panic buyer

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy… full of all the gifts you’ve managed to frantically find at the shop. You’re the panic buyer that always seems to leave Christmas shopping to the last minute. Time is never on your side, and buying gifts is always associated with anxiety.

Often heard saying:


Plan ahead, and get your loved ones to send you a JewelStreet Hint. This will be a great reminder for you to get shopping earlier, and this will not only come in handy for Christmas! You can’t go wrong when you know exactly what they want.