We all know that architecture has influenced fashion and jewellery design for centuries, and who doesn’t like having a hand-crafted sculpture around their neck or on their fingers? Sleek geometry and edgy, wearable art have been seen all over the runways. Architectural jewellery is a huge trend this year.


On JewelStreet, we have architects who take a break from the built environment and turn their attention to designing something much smaller: jewellery.

Take a closer look at some of their fascinating designs. Let them show you how they strive to bring architectural jewellery into the spotlight.

1. Jan D

Jan D. Gjaltema studied architecture in the Netherlands before embarking on a diverse career that has encompassed many different aspects of design. Finally settling on jewellery, Jan launched his eponymous brand, drawing inspiration from architecture to create a stunning collection of handcrafted and fabricated pieces that are truly unique.


From Left to Right: Pearl BraceletZirconia Earrings | Zirconia Bracelet


2. Spratling Silver

William Spratling was born in 1900 in Sonyea, New York. He is an adventurer, writer, collector, illustrator, architect, designer, entrepreneur, and businessman. William is known as the founder of the modern Mexican Silver movement. He boldly combined Art Deco and Pre-Columbian motifs in his jewellery designs in the late 1920s. Today, using the original tools, moulds, and methods, Consuelo and Violante Ulrich and their team have faithfully reissued William Spratling’s work.


From Left to Right: Atzimba Earrings - Beautiful PrincessFlecha Necklace With Lapiz InlaySilver Arrow Sectioned Earrings

3. Susan Driver

Originally training as an architect, Susan Driver watched design meld into visions of structure which presented a natural progression into jewellery design. Drawing inspiration from her architectural past, travel, art and fashion, Susan Driver embraces timeless elegance to make a sleek statement that celebrates a woman with confidence. Each piece crafted by the brand is forged with the individual in mind and handmade in her studio in Brisbane, Australia.


From Left to Right: One and Only Citrine and Swiss Topaz Drop EarringsThe Classic Three Bar Statement 18kt Gold with Diamonds | Bloom Dusk and Dawn Ring Stacker Set