A ring can mean many different things. It can be a symbol of your eternal love. It can be a grand gesture that says “congratulations”. It can be a special birthday treat. Or it can be the gift you give yourselves. One thing’s for sure… you can never quite have enough diamond rings. And at JewelStreet we strive to bring you a range of the best rings from a wide range of accomplished international designers at prices that you won’t believe. So, with so much choice and such incredible prices how could you possibly be expected to limit yourself to just one?

At JewelStreet we do things a little differently. We champion over 200 independent jewellery designers all around the world to get a great deal for the designer, and a great deal for the customer by cutting out the middle-man. We give you the opportunity to buy a range of unique exquisitely designed jewellery direct from the designer. And with prices starting at just £25, you can be sure of a great deal even if you’re buying something as opulent as a three-stone diamond ring. 

Here are some of our favourite three stone diamond rings from our international designers…

The Diamond Ball Ring - Erin Cox Jewellery £198

Diamond Ball RingThose who like their designs bold and their diamonds modest will love this unique handmade ring. Each diamond sits in a 9 kt yellow gold molten ball for a design that has the unassuming modest beauty of nature. Designer Erin Cox takes inspiration from the sea and the coastal landscapes of her home town of Exeter. This ring, like all of her work, boasts a rustic and organic beauty that comes from Erin’s signature technique of molten texturing.

Entwine Three Stone Ring in Gold with Diamond - Elinor Cambray £3,400

Entwine Three Stone Ring In Gold With DiamondHandmade to order using only recycled gold, this elegant and opulent ring is perfect for those who care about the ethics and sustainability of their jewellery. All three of the entwined diamonds in this exquisitely crafted ring are ethically sourced, conflict-free and absolutely stunning. 

The designer Elinor Cambray draws inspiration from the forms and textures of plants and flowers and translates them into gorgeous pieces of unique handcrafted jewellery. 

Rose Gold & Diamond Royale Flower Ring - Baenteli £9,975

Rose Gold & Diamond Royale Flower Ring | BaenteliThe gift of flowers meets the gift of jewellery with this stunning floral-inspired three stone diamond ring designed and handcrafted by Thierry Baenteli. Three pear cut white diamonds blossom in a corona of 18 kt rose gold with a stem dotted with pave diamonds. 

This is one of the many examples by Thierry Baentelli inspired by the mathematical language of nature. Trained by his father Andr Baentelli, the designer works in asymmetrical details and fluid lines to replicate the language of nature in his work for pieces that are unique and infinitely beautiful.

Entwine Three Stone Ring in Gold with Champagne Diamond Ring - Elinor Cambray £1,900

Entwine Three Stone Ring In Gold With Champagne DiamondAnother exquisite handcrafted piece by Elinor Cambray, this elegantly curvaceous 9 kt gold ring is beset with three stunning champagne diamonds. The round band is designed to be comfortable to wear and fit seamlessly with straight rings such as wedding or eternity rings. 

The rich gold and the iridescent amber of the champagne diamonds complement each other wonderfully. And, as with all of Elinor Cambray’s work, this ring is designed to be ethically sound with recycled gold and ethically sourced, conflict-free stones. 


White Gold, Emerald & Diamond Royale Lys Ring - Baenteli £5,102

White Gold, Emerald & Diamond Royale Lys Ring | BaenteliStriking white diamonds meet richly green emeralds in this stunning three stone ring by Thierry Baenteli. The vivid green and the shimmer of the white diamonds are intended to emulate the shimmer of dew on the morning grass. Another example of his work which draws on the asymmetrical beauty and mathematical patterns of nature, this stunning ring is made from 18kt white gold gently enveloping three marquise-cut emeralds framed by exquisite white diamonds. 

Thierry Baenteli is one of the most esteemed names in the world of Haute Joaillerie. His superior designs and quality collections build upon his father’s legacy and bring new heights of prestige to the brand. Each piece is handcrafted to the most exacting standards. 

18kt White Gold Mode Ring by Mita Vohra

18kt White Gold Mode Ring lFor those who favour more sleek and contemporary designs, this elegant white gold ring from the Mode Collection has a thoroughly modern feel with a fun and daring design that allows the skin of the finger to show through the delicate white gold curves. The ring’s sleek lines are studded with smaller diamonds to accentuate the three baguette-cut diamonds at the ring’s core.

The designer Mita Vohra is the Founder and creative director of Ortaea. Her designs are inspired by love and care for the natural world. Which is why all her gems are ethically sourced from all over the world. 

Trilogy Two Yellow Gold Ring - Nicofilimon £109

Trilogy Two Yellow RingThree diamonds sit within a slender band of yellow gold for a ring that is elegant and understated in its beauty. And its diminutive size makes it suited to any occasion. The three diamonds represent the temporal trilogy of past, present and future, to remind you of where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going. 

Designer Nicofilimon combined precious metals and stones with an eclectic East Meets West design aesthetic for truly divine statement pieces.

Trilogy Two White Gold Ring - Nicofilimon £109

Trilogy Two Yellow RingThe trilogy continues with another trinity of diamonds sitting in a frame of stunning white gold. Perfect for any occasion, and boasting Nicofilimon’s subtle design expertise.

Trilogy Two Rose Gold Ring - Nicofilimon £109

Trilogy Two Rose RingComplete the trilogy with this exquisite ring where three diamonds sparkle in a slender band of exquisite rose gold. 

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