White gold is created by blending pure gold and white metal like palladium or nickel, which gives the white gold the distinctive sparkly white look more than the ordinary gold. 

White gold is pretty and precious metal. It has a similar look as platinum and silver; however, it has a more reasonable price than platinum and is more durable than silver. Wearing a necklace as ornamentation around the neck is an ancient practice.

9kt White Gold Oro Bianco Mini Necklace -  RUBINIA GIOELLI £524


The RUBINIA GIOELLI’s stylish and distinct necklace is a piece of handmade jewelry that features a blend of unique colors. 

The unique handmade white chain necklace is a part of the Filodellavita mini collection, where the mode to wear the Filodellavita pieces is reimagined and recreated. 

The Filodellavita mini necklace gives you a fantastic way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and any celebratory event. The sophisticated diamonds placed into the twists bands is just one of the many features that make the White Gold Oro Bianco Mini Necklace very precious. 

Wearing this necklace as an ornament allows you to express the past and present, capturing every emotion. You can also gift the jewelry back again as a surprising gift to your loved ones.

18kt White Gold Mode Necklace l - Ortaea Fine Jewellery £2,625   


Giving all women the perfect therapy to white gold envy with a unique, stimulating take on fine jewelry, is the 18kt White Gold Mode Necklace l, made of beautiful white gold blended with sparkling diamonds. 

Crafted from 18kt white gold, the mode necklace has the final touch to any look, and is a part of the Mode Collection. The Mode Collection is beautiful and classic; this makes it suitable for all events and outfits. 

The designer, Mita Vohra, used the beauty and mystery of nature as an inspiration to design her collections. Mina is a representative of the Sandy Vohra Foundation in Kenya. Mina’s core beliefs involve the environment and the empowerment of the local communities.

9kt White Gold Lucky Wishbone Necklace - Hilary&June £123


Usually, people put their fingers around every end of a wishbone, hold it up and silently make a wish. The wishbone was then pulled away and broken, and whoever gets the bigger half gets to make an undisclosed wish that will come true.

But today, you don’t have to break the wishbone anymore, just wear the white gold lucky wishbone necklace and make a wish. This lucky wishbone necklace features a lucky wishbone suspended charm that is hand- carved from 9kt gold and suspended from a sterling silver chain. 

Also, this lucky wishbone necklace is hallmarked accordingly. It comes with its individual shiny foil presentation box, making it perfect for all your celebratory events, like anniversaries, birthdays among many more.

This fantastic piece is created by an Australian designer, Hilary June Burton, who creates more magnificent jewelry in her workshop in Lisbon. Hilary started making jewelry in a spare room of her Bondi beach apartments, and in the year 2010, she established her brand. The lucky wishbone necklace is handcrafted and made from locally sourced gold.

18kt White Gold Diamond Chandelier Necklace - ERAYA £2,061


This stylish white gold necklace features a hanging chandelier hanging design created from 18kt white gold and glittering diamonds.Add a touch of simple sophistication to your look with this magnificent necklace. 

The sparkly diamonds are encircled in a secure thorn setting and are all hand fixed to give the necklace a massive amount of brilliance. This white chain necklace was made by Hima Yalamanchili, founder of ERAYA. ERAYA is a modern fine jewelry line that concentrates on intricate designs and affordable luxury accessible to you.

Portobello White Gold Diamond Bar Geo Necklace -  London Road Jewellery £485


The London Road Jewelry has created a dazzling evening essential, by updating the white gold necklace to give it a beautiful feminine look. This fragile link chain gives you an elegant bar charm that is made from a 9kt white gold set with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The white gold diamond bar geo necklace measures 3 centimeters and fastens with an adjustable chain and a customary fastening.

The makers of this necklace, the London Road Jewelry, are led by a brother and sister duo. The two create highly wearable, gem-set fashion jewelry that is named after famous places in London. Complement this excellent piece of jewelry with a matching bracelet or subtle stud earrings.

18kt White Gold & Rose Cut Diamonds Bar Necklace - RI NOOR £1,413


This white gold necklace is elegant and stylish, and the diamond bar is classy and straightforward. This Ri Noor line expresses a sense of originality and brilliance with their bold blending of classic geometry themes and their natural forms. 

The 18-inch chain has every piece staring with love for gems and discovering the elegance found in unevenness and defectiveness of natural stones. The white gold necklace is crafted from 18kt gold and rhodium-plated silver for the stunning look. 

This 18kt white gold & rose cut diamonds bar necklace is a collection of Ri Noor jewelry founded by a Baltimore-based designer Shibani Shinde Patil. Shibani designs precious gemstone pieces that can often be traced back to a site that motivates her, like flowers. Elevate your look with this white gold necklace.

9kt White Gold Personalized Love Heart Necklace - Hilary&June £266


This simple and modern personalized love heart necklace can be worn with anything. The love heart necklace makes the best gift for a loved one because it features a beautiful handmade heart charm suspended from its delicate silver chain and is made from sterling silver with 9kt white gold plating to give it its extra distinctive touch. 

You can personalize the love necklace by having it engraved with a name, initial, message, or a date that is close to your heart. You will have peace of mind because the heart charm is fully-hallmarked to indicate that it is a quality piece of white gold jewelry. 

These white chain necklaces are another collection from Hilary June Burton, an Australian designer centered in Portugal, making her jewelry from her small workshop in Lisbon.