The coin jewellery trend is constantly being reinvented, and right now it’s hotter than ever. This authentic originated in 1814 when Italian jeweller Fortunato Pio Castellani opened his first shop. Castellani’s jewellery was inspired by the Etruscans and he often incorporated cameos and archaeological artefacts such as coins into his designs. Today, high fashion designers such as Chanel and Oscar De La Renta have used this ancient aesthetic to adorn their apparel, reviving an age-old trend into a contemporary context.

Just look at Bulgari’s latest Wild Pop collection. Fusing the spirit of the 1980s with the artistry of ancient Roman craftsmen, a coin belt adorned with precious gemstones highlights this dazzling fine jewellery collection. Since the 1960s Bulgari have set coins in their creations such as cigarette cases and bracelets, and they’re still finding new ways to reinvent this aesthetic.

Why not coin yourself a fresh new style with coin jewellery this season. You don’t need to flash a lot of cash to embrace this chic look, so discover our favourite coin picks on JewelStreet at the moment.

Ed Wilson

Ed Wilson 


If a fusion of rock and roll and Roman antiquity sounds appealing, then you’ll love Ed Wilson’s skull coin signet ring. Hand carved using an embossed seal, this ring will add the stamp of approval to your summer style.

Carou coin necklace



Carou’s double coin Plato necklace takes inspiration from ancient philosophy. The abstract engraving allows wearers to carve their own meaning whilst preserving a sense of history and heritage. Radiate sophistication with a necklace that refines your style.

My Bling coin bracelet bangle

My Bling


This bangle by My Bling comes straight from the ancient city of Athens. Greek history and culture serves as the inspiration for this unique piece, forming a look that’s considered and elegant. The hanging coin features a twofold design whereby classical Greek symbolism is etched on the surface.

Katie Mullally Irish coin necklace

Katie Mullally 


Embrace your Irish heritage with Katie Mullally’s coin necklace. The sixpence coin features an Irish harp on one side and a racing horse on the other making this the perfect gift for St Patrick’s Day or other special occasions.

Carou coin earrings



Another piece from Carou’s collection, the pendasion earrings combine ancient iconography with contemporary design. The hook fastening of the earrings form the sleek foundations for the coin to delicately hang. Invest in a truly unique pair of earrings this season. You won’t spot them on anyone else.

Latelita London Roman coin necklace

Latelita London


Latelita London are always quick to channel the latest trends through their jewellery. This necklace features a mix of metals to create a striking piece that retains a traditional charm. Layer with your other statement pendants and feel like a goddess this season.

Conges coin ring



If you want a truly unique ring that harnesses both modern luxury and ancient edge, Conges’ scarab ring is the perfect summer pick. Drawing on the aesthetic of ancient artifacts and philosophies, Conges craft original jewellery of superior quality. Set with 14kt gold and adorned with diamonds and sapphires, you’ll emanate endless style and fashion finesse.