For unfaltering elegance, we go to Paris. For innovation and creativity, Scandinavia is the new trailblazer for authentic style. Perhaps the Scandinavian philosophy relating to aesthetics lends itself to chic and effortless looks. Yet there is something inherently cool in the way textures, patterns, colours and silhouettes are paired to form fresh fashion ensembles.

Scandinavian style has always been praised for its minimal aesthetic. In terms of jewellery, this translates through investing in high-quality, key pieces that can be worn with almost any outfit. Scandinavian design is always functional, and this should go for your jewellery too. Once you harness the Scandi aesthetic with chic textures, elegant patterns and simple silhouettes, your authentic look will be completed with tasteful jewellery.

In celebration of Scandinavian style, discover the top influencers who’ll teach you how to harness the Scandi aesthetic this spring. 

Jeanette Friis Madsen (@_jeanettemadsen_)

Stylist and creative director, Jeanette Friis Madsen knows Danish style through and through. Having worked as a fashion editor for Costume Denmark, Jeanette is certainly well-versed in the Scandinavian fashion scene. If anything, Madsen displays a playful approach to personal style. From bold check patterns, to fringed textures and XXL silhouettes, Madsen ties her looks together with a mastered sense of colour. Follow Jeanette’s Instagram for a wave of fun and flirty fashion. The Danish trailblazer will teach you how to harness the Scandi cool girl style with effortless edge. To compliment her fun-filled wardrobe, Jeanette sports an array of eclectic jewellery that elevates her already on-point outfits. From glamorous diamond delights to dainty stacked earrings, her jewellery collection is almost diverse as her patterned trousers. These elegant pearl and gemstone earrings add the perfect pop of luxury to her winter look. 

Tobias Sikström (@tobiassikstrom)

Tobias Sikström’s Instagram is a Scandinavian dream. Clean lines, classic cuts, and considered colours define his style. As a fashion menswear editor and stylist, Tobias displays a cultivated approach to fashion influenced by the beautiful simplicity of the Scandi aesthetic. His example will not only teach you how to style individual pieces in an effortless way. But Tobias will also teach you how a few key accessories can elevate your style from weak to chic. From simple button-up shirts to straight-cut trousers, Tobias takes fashion back to basics, yet in a way that is anything but basic. Look how this ensemble exudes an understated masculinity. The simple gold signet ring adds warm hues to a monochrome colour palette, showing how attention to detail is key in creating sleek looks. 

Caroline Bille Brahe (@caroline_brasch)

Model, mother-to-be, and fashion influencer Caroline Brahe imbues Scandinavian style with colour and confidence. Caroline is fearless when it comes to prints - because of course leopard print is the perfect companion to florals! Dressed up or dressed down, Caroline’s style is simply effortless. The magic of her style resides in not the pieces themselves, but the way she puts together outfits. Sparing no details, Caroline uses jewellery to ensure her ensembles are head-to-toe fabulous. My favourite of her pieces are her yellow gold bangle and gold signet-esque ring. A bold ring is a jewellery box staple. Wear with any outfit to add a sense of luxury and edge. Bangles are also one of this season’s hottest trends. Layer with your other jewellery for a layered look that harnesses Copenhagen coolness. 

Emilie Delance (@emiliedelance)

Emilie Delance is a Danish entrepreneur and CEO with a refined sense of style. Founder of fashion and lifestyle marketing agency, glow: repeat, you can rest assured that Emilie will serve up eternally chic fashion ensembles. This woman of many talents channels Scandinavian style with confidence and finesse. Her blog is saturated with beautiful outfits featuring subtle textures and a quintessentially Scandinavian colour palette of muted tones. Between her layers of cashmere and clean silhouettes, Emilie showcases an array of beautiful jewellery on her Instagram. From statement earrings to dainty layered bracelets, Emilie shows that you don’t need to go over-the-top with your jewellery to make a strong impact. Notice her delicate lightning bolt studs. Take a leaf of out of Emilie’s style book with a chic pair of studs that will add some electricity to your look.

Katarina Petrovic (@katarinapetrovic)

The best thing about Katarina Petrovic is that you can spot her style from a mile off. From her XXL sunglasses to her unusual and striking silhouettes, Katarina’s style harnesses Scandinavian simplicity and imbues this with a personal flair. Katarina founded A Style Journey with a single vision: ‘to inspire and guide women to always travel with style, in a simple, elegant and effortless way’. These three adjectives deeply resonate in Katarina’s style. From silk slip dresses to chunky knit sweaters, her wardrobe takes simple key pieces and elevates them with bold accessories and jewellery. Look at her sleek metal spiral earrings. Paired with her signature shades, a black blazer and black leather gloves, she carves a unique and authentic look - all tied together with a simple dash of silver. Follow Katarina’s Instagram for a classic Scandinavian approach to fashion which is enhanced through the influencer’s creativity.