Celebs on red carpet

The brooch has had a massive revival on the fashion scene of late, with more and more men owning brooches. Brooches are versatile and diverse jewellery items for both men and women. They can be styled on clothing, accessories, even in hair and on shoes. Brooches allow individuals to be creative with their styling choices, which is why every man should own a brooch.

On the red carpet, brooches seem to have soared in popularity. From John Legend’s galaxy pin brooch worn on his lapel at the Vanity Fair party earlier this year, to Michael B Jordan’s two diamond brooches worn to the Academy Awards. Brooches are back. Men are finding unique brooches to adorn their lapels in all shapes and sizes. Lavish diamond designs. Understated lapel pins. There is the perfect brooch for every man.


Where has the resurgence of the brooch come from?

Runway brooches

You only need to look to the runway to recognise why brooches have stepped back onto the fashion scene. Earlier this year Per Götesson created various avant-garde brooches to adorn his menswear collections. Versace’s AW19 collection encouraged men to push the boundaries of accessorization. With hyper-edgy bulldog clip brooches and lavish gemstone designs, this Italian fashion house showed that expressing individuality through men’s jewellery is the new frontier of men’s fashion.


The evolution of the brooch


Brooches weren’t always a decorative accessory. In the Viking era, brooches were used as cloak fasteners and predominantly served a functional purpose. They evolved to develop social and cultural significations such as mourning commemorations, emblems of love and reflections of sophistication during the Grand Tour.

Many designs today gesture back to these historical and cultural roots. Jewellery designer Vintouch Italy use Renaissance symbols and designs such as cherubs and cameos are transformed into modern wearable pieces. Fasten on your lapel for a chic and vintage look that emanates confidence.

Tips on how to wear a brooch


Just look how effortlessly chic Chadwick Boseman looks on the red carpet, and he’s wearing three lavish diamond brooches designed by Tiffany and Co. Featuring a gorgeous leaf design, the brooches perfectly enhance the 70s leaf pattern on his jacquard bronze suit. Attention to detail is key when wearing a brooch. Invest in a piece that speaks to your personal style, whether that means a specific design, a certain material, or from a designer that you love.

You can wear a brooch in different places. I really respect those who are creative and bold with their brooch styling choices! For example I once saw someone fasten their cuffs using a plush gemstone brooch. I also saw a man with a large peacock brooch on his lapel - he was literally peacocking. 

No matter how many style their brooches, it conveys a confident and considered approach to fashion. Next time you think to invest in an accessory, peruse our selection of handmade brooches and carve yourself a style that is authentically yours.

Images from REX and Pinterest.