Cristina Cipolli Jewellery

What happens when a talented Italian architect delves into the world of jewellery design? Just look at eponymous jewellery brand, Cristina Cipolli Jewellery. From studying architecture in Florence to appearing in the most esteemed fashion magazines for her cutting-edge jewellery, innovation evidently pulsates through this designer's process.

The sleek and unique jewellery designs created by the designer encapsulate Cristina’s ambition and the powerful story behind her brand. When you look at someone’s jewellery, it is a reflection of who they are. For many women, they want to wear jewellery that empowers them. They want their jewellery to mirror their story and enhance their individuality, which is why Cristina Cipolli’s creations are a jewellery-box staple for the modern woman.

Cristina Cipolli is the perfect ambassador for her brand. Her ambition and creative vision has catalysed success in an industry she has only known for just a short amount of time. Cristina’s passion for jewellery developed through an unfaltering love for sketching jewels. She cultivated this passion at Central Saint Martins in London, learning techniques to refine her skills and invest in her talents. The fusion between her architectural background and fashion knowledge and flair lends itself to the production of quality and authentic jewellery.

The designer sources inspiration in a number of ways. From nature, to tribal traditions, Cristina unifies her points of influence through her cohesive style that reinvents minimalism in a unique way. Take her signature black rhodium sharch bangle. This piece is inspired by the body of a shark and modernist-futuristic architecture of the 1970s. The outcome? A sharp and sexy jewellery piece that radiates sophistication. Designed to be worn on your wrist or high up your arm, meaning every woman can put her twist on this gorgeous piece.

Cristina Cipolli

Wearability is an important part of design and Cristina’s jewellery is the perfect marriage between functionality with style. Cristina comments that her jewellery has a ‘rock and roll touch’, meaning the women wearing her pieces will feel edgy and chic. You can read our full interview with the designer here.

"My jewels are for confident women who want to look feminine, sexy, sophisticated and original at any occasion."

Cristina has lived and worked in London for the past 10 years. She launched her first jewellery collection just last year at IJL and has since celebrated a number of successes. Cristina hopes to take her brand oversees with her products featured in prestigious concept stores. Having started her jewellery business on her own with no financial assistance, this designer is a role model for any entrepreneurial woman looking to take her passion to the next level.

Perhaps that’s why Cristina’s brand is so confident. Being her own target customer, she knows how a woman wants to feel wearing jewellery. She understands the desire for women to carve their own path and present their unique self through jewellery. For example, if I were to choose a piece from Cristina’s collection, it’d have to be the gold sharch ring. The curves and presence of the ring emanates power, you couldn’t help but radiate confidence in such a strong item such as this.

Gold sharch ring

Need some powerful jewellery to elevate your AW wardrobe? Now you know who to go to. Shop Cristina Cipolli's incredible collection here and channel your individuality through unique, original, and edgy jewellery.