Are you wondering why more and more people are buying handmade baby clothes? Is it just the latest fashion trend or more than that? Is it the future? And is it for you? 

Our style gurus will tell you why handmade baby clothes are such a big deal. This is the future of ethical fashion choices. Read on to find out why you should be buying handmade baby clothes. 

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Here are 7 reasons you should be buying handmade baby clothes now. 

1 - Handmade baby clothes are safer

Handmade baby clothes are made from natural materials that are better for your baby’s skin. Natural materials are not treated with chemical agents, like formaldehyde, that some synthetic clothes are. 

Polyester allergy is a major textile allergy. But sill many baby clothes are made from this material. 

Buy natural and you have a reduced risk of exposing your baby to allergens that may cause skin irritation and inflammation.


Eco Friendly BabyGro

An eco-friendly cotton babygro. 

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So, clothes made from natural materials, like this cotton bodysuit are fantastic for keeping your baby safe, sound and warm. 

2 - Handmade baby clothes are unique

Handmade clothes are a great way to dress your baby in a cute, standout style that will be the envy of the nursey. 

These items are created by artistic designers who offer extremely creative, colourful designs. Your baby gets a sense of style early in life. 

JewelStreet Bright Cheerful Design

A baby romper that looks so beautiful.

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Is there anywhere on the high street where you can see this level of creativity?

3 - Handmade baby clothes are ethical

These products were designed by independent creators. And this makes it super easy for you to check their processes and keep their ethics accountable. 

Independent makers craft clothes themselves by hand. You don't need to worry about child labour, or sweatshop conditions. All our designers tell you where their clothes are made. Traecability is the short-cut to buying ethically. 

JewelStreet’s handmade baby clothes designers are all vetted to ensure they are ethical creators.

4 - Handmade baby clothes are better for the environment

A large number of synthetic clothes are made from textiles containing or made from plastic - like nylon or polyester. When you wash these plastic clothes, they shed microplastics that are washed into water sources. And water treatment plants don’t have filters to stop them. 

A 2020 study co-authored by scientists at Duke University, North Carolina estimates that in some areas 90% of microplastics are created from water pumped out of washing machines. These are now causing damage to fish at the tissue and cellular level.


Eye-pleasing Babygro Design

An eco-friendly newborn gown.

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Designers like Peregrine Kidswear use material harvested from sustainable bamboo to create stylish designs. 

Save the fish and buy natural. 

5 - Handmade baby clothes support independent creators 

By buying handmade baby clothes you are helping independent creators do what they love. And the world is a richer, more colourful place because of it. 

Irina of LitoCreativeKnitting is just one independent creator that you can support by buying handmade baby clothes. Irina's passion for knitting dates back to her childhood. Thanks to buyers like you, it's now a career. And a traditional industry is being revived in Lithuania. 

Handmade Baby Clothes Safer

An all-natural, handmade baby romper. 

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When was the last time you saw a design as pleasing, and as cheerful as this cute little outfit? What parents wouldn't love an adorable gift like this? 

6 - Handmade baby clothes keep tradition alive, support genuine innovation

Traditional art and craft industries are on the decline. Modern technology allows big, multinational retailers to pump out the same drab designs on a massive scale. This is why a lot of fashion feels tired and overdone lately. If you follow any independent designers on social media you'll be familiar with stories of unique designes ripped off or straight-up stolen by the fast fashion giants.

Handcrafted baby clothes are helping to keep traditional industries alive. And independent designers bring a unique and fresh style to fashion - often inspired by their own experiences. By buying handmade, you keep bringing fresh, creative design into the world. 

Teeth Ring

Have you ever seen a more beautiful teething ring?

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7 - Handmade baby clothes are memorable gifts

Handmade baby clothes make a memorable gift. They stand out. Giving unique, artistic design shows you care. Creators put love into the clothes they craft. The person receiving the gift can see this. 

Grey baby Clothes Gift Set

An amazing baby clothes gift every mother wants.

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Handmade clothes aren't just stylish and unique. They also often come personalised to give a gift that extra special feeling. 

Handmade baby clothes are the ideal choice. They keep your baby safe, help protect the planet, and help independent designers bring a unique cheerful style into the world. This isn’t a fashion fad, this is a way to a sustainable future. Get your ethically made handmade baby clothes on JewelStreet.