Okay, so Miranda Priestley said no to florals in spring. But - as much as the spirit of Miranda Priestly is very real in many of our minds - she’s fictional. And with that considered, I am much less fearful in making the claim that florals for spring are, in fact, groundbreaking. There’s a reason the floral trend is reborn every time spring knocks on our door. Givency’s women’s ready to wear collection last week was saturated with floral patterns. Vivienne Westwood’s collection featured bold blossoming drop earrings with an abundance of floral motifs. Spring has sprung, and florals are back - so get on board!

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Florals lend themselves to the design of elegant and intricate jewellery. Not only are they striking in shape and form, but they’re also colourful and capture the spirit of spring perfectly. Floral designs evoke connotations of blossoming and femininity, thus can spark poignant memories and meanings for the wearer. You don’t have to be feminine to adopt the floral trend too. Designers such as Alan Crocetti create floral earrings for all genders, using his edgy and sleek aesthetic to defy typical notions of femininity. Not convinced? Well once you peruse the selection of floral jewellery available on JewelStreet, I guarantee you’ll agree that florals for spring are the way forward.


Florals connote rebirth

Sterling Silver Four Seasons Bangle Ruby Red Crystal Headpiece  Candy Colour Earrings

For many people, the coming of spring is more than just a new season. Spring provides the possibility of rebirth, change, and rejuvenation. Maybe you’ve had a tough year, and as winter fades you feel a new sense of self, ready to embrace sunnier and brighter times. Flowers represent just this. After hiding away in the winter they blossom to reveal their colourful, beautiful potential. Feel like a flower in bloom with jewellery that radiates joy. Think colourful, bold, unique. Jewellery can offer its wearers a sense of empowerment. Look at the Chopard x Rihanna collaboration (see here) - those floral jewels exude luxury and power! With these floral jewellery pieces, you’ll enter spring with confidence and conviction.

It changes every year

18kt Gold Ear Cuff Petal Right 18kt Yellow Gold Peony Bud Ring Rose Gold & Diamond Flower of Life Ring

What Miranda Priestley doesn’t consider is that floral jewellery always rolls with the times. Since gold jewellery has boomed, you can find an array of gorgeous gold floral designs perfect for spring. Why do designers such as Valentino and Dior constantly reinvent floral motifs? Because they are timeless, and everyone loves them! Look at Perle de Lune’s 18kt Gold Ear Cuff. This minimalist gem elegantly climbs up your ear for a floral look that exudes contemporary edge. For something a little more vintage, go for Rachel Helen Design’s 18kt Yellow Gold Peony Bud Ring. The distressed yellow gold will compliment your other gold jewellery beautifully, whilst retaining a unique edge. Finally, Tiny-Om’s Flower Of Life Ring is inspired by spiritual values. Celebrate creativity and liberation with a ring that will align your chakras this spring!

The never get old

Silver Womens Material Girl Ring Yellow Floral Antique Philippine Hair Comb-Necklace Set With Seed Pearls c.1900 Bocciolo Ring

From the ancient Egyptians to the swinging 60s, floral motifs in jewellery have been loved for centuries from cultures all over the world. Chanel recently revealed a luxury line of fine jewellery adopting their signature camellia as the focal point of the collection. Many designers from all tiers turn to nature for inspiration, and flowers have never let them down. Just look at Mara Hotung’s Antique Philippine Hair Comb-Necklace Set With Seed Pearls. This one-of-a-kind piece has reset a 20th century floral hair comb onto a pearl necklace to create a vintage-inspired piece that is the epitome of elegance. Luke Goldsmith’s ring also takes a vintage aesthetic and imbues it with a modern edge. The designer encases a yellow and blue floral fabric behind a transparent quartz gemstone. This unique ring displays innovation and creativity, perfect for the spring season. Finally, the Bocciolo Ring is created through a micromosaic technique whereby tiny stones are used to form a floral pattern. You won’t find such unique craftsmanship anywhere else! So embrace originality with a ring that embodies all the possibilities spring brings.
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