If you want to know someone’s marital status, but don’t want to ask them, what’s the first thing you do? You spy their left hand and see if they’re wearing a ring on their ring finger.

Like the majority of married women, Kate Middleton wears a wedding ring alongside her sapphire engagement ring. It may not be noticeable sat against the beautiful oval blue stone, but it’s there. And being made of Welsh gold, the simple 18kt band is continuing an 88-year-old royal tradition dating back to the marriage of Prince William’s great-grandparents, Elizabeth Bowes Lyon and the future George Vi.

So if Kate’s wearing a wedding ring, why does Prince William’s ring finger remain bare?

It’s simple. Personal preference.

In 2011, St James’s Palace told The Daily Mail that while Kate Middleton would be wearing a ring following their wedding, Prince William would not due to “personal preference”.

So, there you have it. Prince William isn’t a fan of wearing jewellery. And, seeing as an estimated two billion of us watched the royal wedding, it’s not like anyone is going to be wondering if he’s married or not anytime soon.

Prince Philip doesn’t wear a wedding ring either. Even after being married to Queen Elizabeth II (who does wear one) for nearly 70 years.

This got us thinking, how many married men actually wear a wedding ring?

Up until World War II it was almost unheard for males to wear wedding rings. But soldiers, understandably, wanted a reminder of their wives back home, so they began wearing wedding rings like their female spouses. Since then it’s become commonplace for both men and women to wear wedding rings. Today, it’s estimated that around 90% of men in England getting married have a wedding ring.

Wedding rings are symbolic of the commitment you’ve made to another person, but if jewellery really isn’t your thing, maybe it's okay to take a leaf out of Kate and Will’s book and be confident enough to buck the trend. 

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