We recently ran a Facebook poll which asked 'Which jewellery metal do you prefer?'...

Silver won with 61% of the votes, and Gold taking 39%.

But why do you prefer silver as your jewellery metal instead of gold?

Silver has a lot of advantages, and one big one is the price. 

When it comes to buying jewellery as a gift, let's be honest, you don't always want to blow the budget. Gold is known to be a lot more expensive than silver due to it's rarity. So looking for something silver on the market is a perfect way to give someone a gift with a special touch and save yourself a few pennies. 

They blend in really well with your outfit and skin tone.

If you're wearing gold jewellery pieces on a very pale skin tone, they're going to seem very bleak and colourless. Silver acts as a very good neutraliser with your skin tone and and outfit.

Diamonds show a lot better when in silver pieces of jewellery. 

Think about it, most engagement rings are in silver or white gold. They allow the diamond on them to sparkle more, and this goes for any other piece of jewellery, not just engagement rings.

 So what are you waiting for?

Shop Silver Jewellery Below


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Bamboo Silver Bracelet | Tateossian | £295.00

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