The 80's are back!

Well, kind’ve…

Big hair, big shoulders and big jewellery, it was acceptable in the 80's.

While we’re happy for this stylishly questionable era to keep it’s perms and shoulder pads, we want its big, bright and bold jewellery! The decades before the 80's saw everyone wearing dainty pendants and discrete earrings (now we do love that look too, but today we’re focusing on the bold, bright and beautiful) whereas the 1980’s saw drop earrings, big rings and brilliant colours take centre-stage (and jelly bracelets, though i haven't included any of those!); 80's fashion was all about excess.

80's inspired jewellery has been making a come back over the last few years, so why not chase away those winter blues with vibrant big jewels?

80's Inspired Earrings
Earrings were big and bold (otherwise how would you see them through those perms?!) and a must-have with any and every outfit. Drop earrings of any description, from pearls to guitars, were completely 80's chic.

From the 80's: Michaela Strachan & Kylie Minogue 

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 Kate Hudson (2017) & Jessica Simpson (2018) wearing big and bold drop earrings, stylishly bringing 80's inspired trends into 2018.

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The beautiful Madison Blue Chalcedony Earrings by London based Alexandra Alberta are elegant, bold and add an 80's splash of colour to any outfit. Pair with the grey, white and blacks of your work attire to make the yellow pop and to be sure all eyes are on you.

The Madison Blue Chalcedony Earrings by Alexandra Alberta - £290

For a subtle 80's inspired earring Alison Fern have got you covered! They’re bold and big, but dainty, geometric and lends to mismatching looks. Handcrafted in 14kt yellow gold and sterling silver these earrings have a wonderfully 80's vibe toned down for 2018. Golden and silver tones are always in style and big earrings are here to stay! Whether you wear a matching set, mismatch or wear just one for an asymmetric aesthetic these earrings are completely timeless.

Alison Fern Jewellery

For a more subtle look but still celebrating the big earrings of the 80's, Conges have got the look for you. Their 14kt solid gold dream catcher earring is classy and delicate while still a fun and statement piece. The stud features a mystic quartz stone surrounded by bright white diamond for a pop of colour, and fastening behind the ear is the large, intricate dream catcher.

The Gold Half Pair Dream Catcher Earring by Conges - £2,773

Statement Rings in Brilliant Colours
They’re big, they’re eye-catching, they’re heavy...
Big rings and costume jewellery were day-to-day wear that reflected a sense of wealth and confidence, which was a huge part of the 1980's culture. Everyone loves a huge statement ring and what’s not to love? They’re effortless glamour and perfect for any occasion. Add a splash of 80's inspired colour to stylish monochrome outfits, or be bold and wear every colour under the sun for an ultimate 80's trend.

Debra Messing effortlessly bring 80's glam into 2018 with a large statement ring.

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These beautiful statement rings are packed with colour! The Caravan Dreaming Ring by Alexandra Alberta features a large amazonite stone is complemented beautifully by delicate rubies, sapphires, amethyst and emeralds set in an 18kt white gold band. Love the neon hues of the 80's? This ring is for you!

The Caravan Dreaming Ring by Alexandra Alberta - £990

For a more chilled vibe but still packed with colour, the Aphrodite Ring is big, bold and blue; what more could you want? This ring features a smooth blue chalcedony stone, elegantly clasped on either side by a band of 18kt white gold studded in deep blue sapphires; simple and sophisticated.

The Aphrodite Ring by Alexandra Alberta - £1,070