Onyx has become one of the most popular gemstones. We love seeing the new designs that have been created using this statement stone. 

Onyx is an affordable gemstone that is also known to hold properties like protection, absorbing bad energies, and it symbolizes friendship. It’s often used in many bold designs for pendants, earrings, and rings. 

We want to share 8 different pieces of onyx jewellery that will be sure to become a staple piece in your wardrobe.

Rose Gold and Onyx Victoriana Ring - Purnell £199

This beautifully designed ring has a modern twist on a traditional elegant large oval onyx stone. Designed by the award-winning designer Vicki Purnell, this ring is simple yet you can see that Vicki has luxury at the focus of her individual designs. 

The smooth stone has a shine and depth that is paired perfectly with a Chunky rose gold plated silver setting, it’s distinctive yet affordable. 

Green Onyx Charm Earrings - Noyre Berlin £39

An elegant and unique addition to your onyx jewellery collection has got to be introducing a different colour. Did you know that onyx jewellery isn’t just black? 

These earrings are perfect for everyday use as well as lighting up your evening attire. These boho earrings feature a marquise-shaped green onyx gemstone attached to a short drop chain with an interesting Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol set in 18kt Gold Plated Vermeil on 925 Sterling Silver. 

These are handmade by Noyre Berlin, its designer Ricky created the brand from the love of drawing and jewellery. 

Hibiscus Necklace with Garnet, Red Onyx and Citrine - Dexter Augustus £207

Dexter Augustus has created a beautiful example of a simple design to maximum effect with this Garnet, Red Onyx & Citrine Hibiscus Necklace

Augustus creates iconic and bold pieces that make a significant statement and this necklace is certainly no different. The Hibiscus flower is re-created focusing on its smooth curved form with fluted edge design, then emblazoned, on two petals, with an ombre effect of graded coloured stones. 

This unique piece of jewellery is designed through the use of the latest technology to create a modern-day family heirloom. 

18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Urban Bar Necklace with Red Onyx - Jewel Tree London £150

Jewel Tree London's 18kt yellow gold vermeil urban bar necklace with red onyx boasts a design that is edgy and elegant with a strong individual style statement. It has a clean geometric onyx jewellery design with a red bar of onyx as the feature. 

This contemporary design has been hand-cut to our design specifications and set in 18kt Yellow Gold plated Sterling Silver. Creative director Deborah Zama creates timeless and elegant jewellery inspired by architectural designs, forms, and materials. 

They often feature refined metals and materials to create truly unique designs that are crafted by hand combining modern technology and modern practices. 

Matte Onyx Double Bead Bracelet - GT Collection £51

We certainly can’t forget about the men too, they deserve to indulge in the beauty that a piece of onyx jewellery can offer. The Matte Onyx Double Bead Bracelet has a simple but unique design and is crafted by hand from a strong 100% nylon string and finished with a drawstring lock.

Designed by Gasper Tratnik from a Slovenia-based brand, this piece mixed classic material, stunning gemstones, fashion, and culture to create a piece of onyx jewellery that is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewellery for suited and casual looks then look no further. 

Inka Red Jasper and Black Onyx Necklace - Liz Phillips £723


Being totally swept away by the history and mythology that surrounds gems and gemmology, and the incredible physical properties that gems possess Liz Phillips took inspiration from Pre-Columbian architecture to inspire her to create this stunning, unique kite-shaped stone necklace

Each of them has been cut and polished for Liz by hand at her workshop in Jaipur, and are set in fine 14kt gold bezels. This necklace holds the perfect combination between rich red jasper and black onyx to boast a striking pairing that makes for a major visual impact.

Splash Gemstone Earrings Gold Green Onyx - Latelita London £149

This beautiful Splash gemstone earring set really makes you think of summertime and waterfalls. They are extremely light to wear making them perfect for hot weather and hold a powerful impact. They feature ten linked organic green onyx gemstones, they are guaranteed to catch the light with every movement. 

Designed by Latelita who has quickly become a leading purveyor of statement jewellery. Fusing eastern silhouettes with contemporary panache to create elegant pieces crafted from semi-precious gemstones and metals, Lateltia has really done well to create an extremely versatile earring set that can be styled from a daytime bohemian look to a demure evening aesthetic. 

Yellow Gold Plated Cylindrical Cufflink with Green Onyx - Latelita London £145

Another addition from Latelia London is these standout Yellow Gold Plated Cylindrical Cufflink With Green Onyx. They feature a cylindrical gemstone handset within an art deco inspired setting. 

They have a perfect balance between traditional refinement and contemporary elegance. These swivel bar cufflinks are certainly a great way to add a bit of class to your suited attire. 

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