The JewelStreet theme of the week is Ocean Divinity. Think gold tones, shell accessories and nautical symbols. Nautical jewellery has been around for years, favoured by those passionate about the ocean and who view the sea as a second home. There is no restriction on fashion. Whatever style you enjoy and relate with, make it your own. Even if you hate the sea and prefer to stay on dry land, nautical jewellery is the hottest trend this Summer. Adopt nautical accessories into your jewellery repertoire and discover endless style possibilities. 

Take a look at our top 3 nautical designers and discover the Summer’s most popular trend.

With the modern adventurer and seasoned traveller in mind, Anchor & Crew are a British based brand who specialise in modern-naval jewellery. Anchor & Crew combine minimalist style with nautical materials, inspired by an exploratory outdoors lifestyle. Anchor & Crew create stylish and durable unisex jewellery for the modern journeyman and woman. Anchor & Crew pride themselves on British craftsmanship and making their products to a high ethical standard. They use colourful and strong Navy grade rope materials, cool sterling silver and natural leather to give their pieces a distinctive look, full of grit and attitude.

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Based in Cornwall, Ed Wilson grew up on the rugged coastline, which is what inspired his jewellery today. Ed Wilson creates jewellery inspired by the movement, colour and raw texture of the ocean. His contemporary designs are imbued with rough textures, organic shapes and intricate detailing. Ed Wilson Jewellery offers a variety of materials, ranging from dark and edgy oxidised silver to clean and shiny white gold. His pieces are always stylish, varying from obvious pirate or ocean symbols to more subtle designs. 

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Another Cornwall-based designer, Matthew JL Harris creates jewellery that emanates the passion, form and movement of the Cornish coast and landscape. Matthew goes a step further to ensure that the ocean and the seaside is within every piece of Joseph Lamsin Jewellery. He creates moulds by pouring molten silver into seawater. This allows each shape to naturally form and solidify, which gives his designs interesting forms and rough sand textures. Each jewellery piece harnesses the majesty of the ocean in the beautiful materials of yellow, white and rose gold. He not only uses the ocean and sand to mould his pieces, but also encases seawater pearls into his designs. 

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