It's the second week of Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world and the most prestigious. The 2019 championships have already been an interesting and exciting competition, with Andy Murray and Serena Williams making formidable doubles partners and 15 year old Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff beating Venus Williams at her first Wimbledon. Whether you’re at centre court or in the centre of your living room, you need jewellery to mark the occasion. What better accessory to choose than the aptly named tennis bracelet? Read on to learn the origins of the tennis bracelet and JewelStreet’s top picks.

The Origins of the Tennis Bracelet


The tennis bracelet came about during the 1987 US Open, when women’s tennis champion Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a match. She asked officials to postpone her match until the bracelet was found, and viewers watched her frantically search for it on television. This event sparked a desire in viewers for diamond bracelets, and they were termed ‘tennis bracelets’ after Evert. While Chris Evert was not the first to wear a tennis bracelet, she was the main inspiration for them. 

A tennis bracelet tends to be a sleek, thin and elegant with diamond accents, typically made from platinum or gold. They are simple, versatile and easy to wear for everyday and for sporting events. Tennis bracelets are the most popular type of bracelet and if you’re a lover of tennis, you need one in your collection.

JewelStreet’s Top Picks

Yellow Gold Plated Anya Bracelet I by Infinity & Co - £42


Infinity & Co specialise in stylish, minimalist jewellery, which is suitable for everyday. This dazzling brand create beautiful, sophisticated designs, at an affordable price. The Yellow Gold Anya Bracelet is inspired by the classic tennis bracelet. Using the tennis bracelet’s trademark style, Infinity & Co have created a modern, affordable and classy design, featuring AAA grade simulated diamonds set in a classic 4 claw or beautiful Millegrain setting. 

9kt Yellow Gold Round Sapphire Line Bracelet With Diamonds by Jewels of Kim - £350

Jewels of Kim offer affordable, luxury jewellery, using yellow gold and a range of precious and semi-precious gemstones. The Sapphire Line Bracelet has a round shape and is given a sense of warmth and vibrant colour with 9kt yellow gold. The deep blue sapphires work beautifully with sparkling diamonds. This bracelet is a colourful, bright and modern interpretation of the classic, elegant tennis bracelet. If sapphires aren’t your thing, Jewels of Kim also make tennis bracelets in garnet, blue topaz and amethyst.

Sterling Silver & Palladium Marquise Round Tennis Bracelet by FANTASIA BY DESERIO - £534

FANTASIA BY DESERIO is a family-run jewellery brand, specialising in stunning, timeless jewellery, made from precious metals and man-made stones. The Round Tennis Bracelet is made of classic sterling silver, plated in palladium and features clear and yellow cubic zirconia, for an extra pop of colour. Lightweight and captivating, the designer remarks that “This classic tennis bracelet will help you dazzle your opponent without ruining your back swing!” If you want to be even more luxurious, you can also buy the matching tennis necklace.

Double Row Tennis Bracelet by Isaac Westman - £12,542


Isaac Westman uses only the finest materials to make his refined and timeless jewellery with a contemporary flair. The Double Row Tennis Bracelet is high-end and the real deal, using unique and glamorous diamonds to create a dazzling, luxurious look. The double row of diamonds makes the bracelet even more flashy and brilliant. If you lost this during a tennis match, you’d definitely stop the game to look for it!