The catwalks of fashion season gave us many tips and tricks for the coming year’s potential high-fashion dress codes. But even we weren’t expecting the varied number of wild and wacky textures that the designers showcased. The catwalks became a platform for exhibiting the versatility of textures, ones that add an irreplaceable depth to fashion. Textures are not confined to material, however, and we have seen the likes of Arthur Arbesser incorporate texture heavily into jewellery at Milan Fashion Week 2019. 

Brands such as Balmain, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Dior, Oscar de la Renta and Esteban Cortazar to name a few, have embraced the tactility of different textures. Rough, smooth, bumpy, feathery… the list goes on. But, how do you incorporate an element of the textures seen at this year’s Fashion Weeks in your everyday style? Stay tuned to find out about the best pieces for you to channel your inner texture Queen. 

Texture is Timeless.

Textures did not originate from fashion. They have always existed. Rather like feelings and emotions, textures are quite hard to conceptualise. They exist, but we don’t know how. It seems as though they have always existed. 

This textured silver ring by Joseph Lamsin Jewellery conveys this exact message. It looks like it has been eroded from the wears and tears of the ground, yet it still shines through with an unwavering strength and power. It feels as though it is part of the earth, like it has existed since the dawn of time. That it has been used as a defining material in primordial structures, walked over by our ancient ancestors, and worn on the finger of a great historical monarch. This ring, and its unique texture, is all about the connection that we have with the earth, and with the past from which our lives have been born upon. 

This ring has been organically shaped and textured using sand from the Cornish coastline. The transient nature of natural resources means that no sand is ever the same, and hence, no two rings are ever alike.

Cornish Beach Sand Textured Silver Wedding Ring

Joseph Lamsin Jewellery | Cornish Beach Sand Textured Silver Wedding Ring | £195.00


Texture is Dimension.

Textures enter a world that is outside of the two dimensional field of vision. Texture is as much about sight as it is about feel. And feeling is as much about touch as it is about emotions. One of the main reasons that textured jewellery is on the rise is because of this multidimensional quality.

Take a look at this exquisitely made piece of jewellery, for example. Notice the curvature and one-of-a-kind pattern. Almost architectural in design, this bracelet is a feat in the jewellery making industry. It is rare that a piece can capture an industrial quality whilst at the same time appearing to have an organic thematic quality. Texture adds depth and dimension to this particular piece. Run your hand along the bracelet and you will be confronted with a mesmerising smooth feeling that is juxtaposed by the bumpiness that the spaces create.

D-strutura Bracelet B

SPACE JEWELS | D-strutura Bracelet B | £404.00

Texture is Unique. 

Texture means to be different, so stand out and stand confident in this Sterling Silver Feather Pendant with Black Diamonds by renowned jewellery brand Snake Bones. The ridges within the design add an unusual texture. Instead of conveying the lightness of a feather, it conveys the unexpected strength of a feather. It may look soft and delicate, but it feels hard, resilient and strong. 

This piece is inspired by the haunting darkness of Odile, the villain from Swan Lake. Mysterious, villainous and wicked, this design has an unexpected weighty presence. The oxidised sterling silver creates an artisanal Rock & Roll vibe.

Sterling Silver Feather Pendant With Black Diamonds

 Snake Bones | Sterling Silver Feather Pendant With Black Diamonds | £1,915.00


Texture is Free. 

Textures evoke emotions. They can set the mood, and can alter it too. The texture and movement that fabrics can create is completely different to that of precious metals. That’s why jewellery that uses a mix of materials, like these gorgeous Tassel Earrings from FARRA, convey a freedom and element of self-expression. This is a quality that both fabric and metal can’t achieve on their own. Pop these bad boys on and they will give you a new lease of life.

Black & Gold Rhinestone Tassels Earrings

FARRA | Black & Gold Rhinestone Tassels Earrings | £93.00


Images sourced from Pinterest.