In the last few days, news has emerged that Poundland are selling “engagement rings” for - you guessed it - one pound. Reactions to this news have been varied. A lot of people expressed surprise and relief to find a budget alternative, whereas others took to twitter to share their anger and confusion. Why would anyone want to propose, or be proposed to, with a ring made of plastic?

Planning a proposal can be extremely nerve-wracking, time-consuming, and expensive. Having a smaller budget doesn’t mean that you have to settle for anything less than luxury. Here at JewelStreet, we have a large selection of engagement rings that are incredible value for money. You don’t need to break the bank to get a ring made from quality materials.

A spokesperson for Poundland explained that the ring offered couples a means of proposing before they invest in the actual ring. There are other ways to make your proposal inexpensive. Take a look at our top engagement rings for the shopper who is buying on a budget...

1. Sterling Silver Coda Ring

The Sterling Silver Coda Ring by Carao Jewellery is a statemented piece. It displays an offset hammered circle design that catches the light beautifully because of its texture. The unique design and structure is a testament to the ring's handmade origins in Peru.

JewelStreet champions independent designers and their jewellery. By shopping for your engagement ring on JewelStreet, you're not only getting a gorgeous and luxurious piece for your partner, you are also helping a small creative business to keep doing what they love. Wouldn’t you want your money to go towards designers rather than a high street chain? 

Sterling Silver Coda Ring

 Carao Jewellery | Sterling Silver Coda Ring | £32.00

2. Amity Ring

The Amity Ring by Gill Pottle Jewellery is a subtle and understated ring that is ideal for the woman who wears minimalist jewellery. This is a ring that is inspired by anyone who wants to show their love for another, be it a friend, lover, sister, mother or bride-to-be. The Amity ring is a symbol of the ties that hold us together. It is symbolic of the love that the two of you share - endless and eternal.

A top tip when buying your partner's engagement ring, is to observe the jewellery they wear on an everyday basis. If they wear gold jewellery most of the time, then it is a good idea to purchase a gold wedding ring to suit their look. Different skin tones compliment different tonalities, so be mindful of this too.

Amity Ring

Gill Pottle Jewellery | Amity Ring | £60.00

3. Capri Citrine Quartz Tondo Ring

The Capri Citrine Quartz Tondo Ring is a regal and statement piece. It is part of the ‘Capri’ collection by Vintouch, and the design takes its inspiration from the rich gardens on the Mediterranean island of Capri. 

In the unlikely event that your partner does not like the ring, there is no need to worry. We offer free returns, which is hassle-free and allows your partner to be involved in the ring choosing process if they wish.

Capri Citrine Quartz Tondo Ring

Vintouch Italy | Capri Citrine Quartz Tondo Ring  | £87.00

4. Chloe Asscher Cut Ring

The Chlow Asscher Cut Ring is part of Lustre of London's Deco Collection. This ring takes you back to the elegant and riveting roaring twenties, almost as if you were in the room with Gatsby himself. Dazzling round brilliant cuts adorn the shoulders and the underside of this setting.

This is handmade from quality materials and is ONLY £90. You don't need to sacrifice on quality when shopping on a budget. This ring really does have the wow factor, and will beautifully adorn any bride-to-be's finger.

Chloe Asscher Cut Ring

Lustre of London | Chloe Asscher Cut Ring | £90.00

5. Moon And Star Open Ring Sterling Silver

Posh Totty Designs are renowned for their dainty and delicate celestial piece. The beautiful Moon and Star Open Ring is handcrafted in their Brighton workshop. This is the perfect engagement ring for the woman who loves to stack multiple rings and be decked out with different pieces of jewellery. This ring looks stunning on its own, as well as surrounded by other contemporary designs. 

Moon And Star Open Ring Sterling Silver

Posh Totty Designs | Moon And Star Open Ring Sterling Silver | £27.00