Thinking of tying the knot this winter? Winter weddings are characteristically magical and romantic. What is already an exciting holiday for most becomes even more exciting because of your wedding ceremony.

Whether you’re a wedding guest, or a bride-to-be, you want to look your best, right?

If you haven’t already sent out your Save The Date, then make that your top priority. Give your guests ample time to plan their outfits and jewellery pieces. Your winter wedding also offers the chance for guests to take a mini-break of their own! A holiday within a holiday. Time is of the essence, and if you want to achieve a seamless winter wedding look for the holidays then start as early as possible.

Think colour...

Winter jewellery differs to the Autumn collections. Trends transition from warmer tones to cooler colour hues. Colours become clearer and bolder. Crisp greens, icy blues and cool silver greys rise in popularity.

When incorporating colour into your winter wedding style, make sure that your jewellery and clothing match. The Sky Blue Topaz Necklace contains a natural gemstone, and is set in sterling silver. The gem itself is a pastel colour, and would compliment cooler skin tones.

Sky Blue Topaz Necklace   Sky Blue Topaz Necklace   Sky Blue Topaz Necklace

Augustine Jewels | Sky Blue Topaz Necklace | £160.00

Think nature...

Nature changes drastically during winter. Finding beauty in the contrast between the seasons is something that our designers love to do. Nature is not one dimensional; there is both a change in colour but also a change in the habits of wildlife.

The Love Bird Earrings in Opal depict two sweet birds perched on a gold plated tree branch. The contrast between the silver, gold and striking blue opal is what makes this piece unique. Delicate, playful and classic are words synonymous with these earrings.

Love Bird Earrings in Opal

Gallardo and Blaine Designs | Love Bird Earrings in Opal | £146.00

Think snow…

Winter weddings are often overshadowed by what we like to call Weather Anxiety. On the lead up to the day you will probably hear the voices of worried relatives: ‘I hope the weather holds out’; ‘fingers crossed it doesn’t rain’; ‘it’s going to be freezing’.

Although it comes with a drop in temperature, snow on your wedding day is a sign of fertility and prosperity. Rain or shine, make it a day to remember. Don’t be disheartened by the weather, embrace it.

The Turnadot Slave Bracelet is worn as a ring and bracelet combination. The beautiful Princess Turnadot is the inspiration behind this piece of  Brigitte Adolph’s jewellery. It is a tale of a Prince who tries to woo a Princess in ancient China. It is a tale of love, desire and emotion - perfect for a winter wedding!

Turnadot Slave Bracelet   Turnadot Slave Bracelet

Brigitte Adolph Jewellery Design | Turnadot Slave Bracelet | £268.00

Think love…

A wedding represents the union of two individuals, and the merging of two families. Love is at the centre of this union, and so heart jewellery is fitting for the occasion. The Luv Heart Earrings by Gunjan Bhandari are an enchanting and romantic addition to a wedding look.

These are elegant and understated, which makes them wearable even after the big day. They are crafted in 18kt white and rose gold with pear, princess and round diamonds.

Luv Heart Earrings   Luv Heart Earrings

Gunjan Bhandari | Luv Heart Earrings | £8,475.00

Think photos…

You’ve spent a fortune on a top-rated photographer, but he knows nothing about jewellery. Remind your photographer to get your best angles. If you’re wearing a side headpiece then make sure the side with the detailing is always angled toward the lens.

This glamorous Dahlia Headpiece by Krausz Jewellery is the perfect winter wedding bridal accessory. Handmade to perfection, this piece incorporates original vintage marcasite from the 1950s. It is timeless, traditional and majestic. This would suit a winter wedding with a vintage twist.

Dahlia Headpiece   Dahlia Headpiece

Krausz Jewellery | Dahlia Headpiece | £235.00