Alexa K is a socially responsible jewellery line that focuses on celebrating the inherent strength in women and their spirit animals. Founded by Alexandra Elsener, the brand’s debut collection is called Wolf Spirit and was inspired by the distinctive look of Alexandra’s spiritual guide, the wolf. Additional collections will follow in the coming seasons and all will stay true to Alexandra’s vision and passion for celebrating strong women.

Her designs are aimed at strong, intuitive, and driven women and a percentage of each sale they make is donated to aid wolf conservation attempts – Alexa K’s pieces aren’t only thought provoking and timeless, they’re also highly ethical. We chat with Alexandra about the significance of her first collection and why she wants her jewellery to empower women.

When did you fall in love with jewellery?

“I always loved jewellery, as I believe it’s something very personal and it’s also a statement to your personality. So, when I first thought about designing a collection it was important to me that there was a meaning behind it. I wanted to create a brand with a meaning with which the customer can identify herself with. I really love what I do and I do it with full passion, commitment and love!”


What drove you to create your own brand?

“I wanted to create a brand with a meaning. So, when my customers wear it they have something to say about it! Alexa K is about discovering your own spiritual animal and wearing this talisman close to your heart. For me, I have always felt a bond with wolves and believe they embody the divine feminine spirit. I want these beautiful pieces to trigger meaningful conversations between women.”

"I have always felt a bond with wolves and believe they embody the divine feminine spirit."

What inspired your first collection?

“My first collection is about wolves and their close personality to the female kind. Both are clever, strong, intuitive, driven by instincts and their love for their family. Both have a long history of being oppressed, hunted and even killed over centuries for fear of their intelligence and strength. So, when women meet up in a café wearing my jewellery I want it to trigger meaningful conversations between them; my jewellery should empower women in every life situation. My collections in future will all be influenced by the animal kingdom. I see animals as spiritual leaders we can learn from a lot!”


How has your childhood help shape you as a designer?

“I was born and raised by a wonderful loving and very artistic Scottish mother and a passionate, hardworking and ambitious Hungarian father who both influenced and inspired me in many ways. I could not have had any better parents! This mix of cultures has given me the capability to take the best from both worlds. Swiss liability, punctuality and honesty, Scottish willpower, stamina and wit and Hungarian passion, ambition and creativity.”


"The three values my label stands for: intelligence, integrity and independence."

Values are really important us at Jewelstreet. What are your core brand values?

“My initial line incorporates the wolf as the leading element, which signifies the three values my label stands for: intelligence, integrity and independence. The 3 'I’s' are the values that both myself and my label stands for. Our planet is very important to me and I would like to have an impact with what I do to improve and help save endangered species.”

What is the most meaningful piece of jewellery you own?

“Besides my wedding ring and my engagement ring, I wear 2 rings my Grandmother used to wear. They are very dear to me and I always believe they do protect me.”

How do you want someone to feel when they wear your designs?

“I want to empower women in their daily life to make intelligent decisions and follow their gut feeling like wolves, to feel strong but loving and caring towards their family, and to be proud to be a woman.”



"We already have plans for the next endangered species that we want to support"

What does the future hold for Alexa K?

“We want to be a brand that our customers can wear regardless of any fashion trends and regardless the season. We want to be the brand our customers feel great with and feel meaningful when they wear it, knowing they are also supporting a good cause. We want to be recognised as a sustainable, environmentally friendly brand. We would like to support animal conservation of endangered species, at the moment we support a Swiss wolf project with every purchase a customer makes. Any NGO’s can team up with us, and we already have plans for the next endangered species that we want to support, which will be the next animal incorporated in our designs - but that is our secret!”

Alexa K is available to shop on Jewelstreet here.