Givency Layered Look

This week we’re going loco for layers. The layered trend is definitely the trend to master this winter. Let the lowering temperatures inspire you to uplift your style with layered jewellery that demands attention. Experiment with textures and volume. Mix chunky chains with dainty pendants. Stack your knuckles with rings that radiate style. It’s 2019 - embrace creativity with your jewellery for a look that remains authentic.

For me, my jewellery box is a site of chaos. With fluffy earrings, gemstone rings, chokers, chains and even one rogue tiara, facing this array of mismatched jewellery can feel a little too overwhelming some mornings. Sound familiar? But even if, like me, your jewellery box is an eclectic jumble of various pieces, you can still mix and match for a layered look that’ll have you beaming with confidence. The truth is, when it comes to layering, there are no rules. You are the master of your style - so don’t hold back! Dive into your jewellery box with conviction and I guarantee you will put together an epic ensemble.

Still, to get you in the groove for this season’s hottest trends, discover the women of Instagram who rock the layered look. Their original and chic styles will give you expert inspiration of how to style layered jewellery. Prepare yourself… with style this hot, you’re bound to feel a little envious...

Eva Chen (@evachen212)

Layered bangles is the original layering trend. Think 1970s. Woodstock festival. Wooden bangles stacked up the arms of the psychedelic hipsters who channeled authentic style. Well guess what… this trend is back (although with a little more refinement). Eva Chen demonstrates how you can look and feel chic with a selection of elegant bangles on your wrist. Bangles vary in texture and form, allowing for creative and playful jewellery ensembles. Eva enhances the sunny hue of her yellow dress with a selection of gold bangles. Timeless and elegant, the gold bangle will remain a jewellery box staple. For a intricate and statement piece, shop Murkani Jewellery’s Jaipur Bangle. Style alongside Black Betty Design’s Hooked Luna Bangle, because black and gold is always a winner. To top the look off, pair with a selection of the Unity Thick Bangles by Corinne Hamak. As a fashion influencer, writer, and mother, Eva Chen proves how you can always look stylish with key jewellery pieces. Her layering artistry extends to her incredible wardrobe too, so make sure you follow Eva for an expert lesson in styling.

Get the look:

Gold Jaipur Bangle The Hooked Luna Bangle Unity Thick Bangle

 Erica Davies (@erica_davies)

Erica Davies certainly knows a thing or two about style. As an journalist, stylist, and interiors-aficionado, follow Erica for a nuanced and informed approach to style. Aside from being effortlessly chic and eternally elegant, Erica has a great selection of gorgeous jewellery. She’ll teach you how to layer the right way, head to toe. From scarves to stacking rings, Erica is my top pick for style inspiration that conveys confidence. Coin necklaces are one of the hottest trends of 2019, so layer up these delicate jewellery pieces to keep your style looking fresh. Erica styles over a slogan tee with a bold red lip showing how simple style can speak volumes. Even ‘responsible adults’ can set the standards for superior accessorisation! Recreate Erica’s coined creation with Katie Mullally’s Irish 6 Pence Gold Plated Coin. For something a little bolder, use Carou’s chunky Plato Necklace as the foundation for your layered look. And for that fashion finesse, style with Sima Vaziry’s layered Coin Necklace. Gorgeous golds will never go out of style, so invest in these key pieces to rock the layered look like Erica.

Get the look:

Irish 6 Pence Gold Plated Coin 14kt Gold Plated Plato Necklace Coin gold necklace

Patti Gibbons (@notdeadyetstyle)

First of all, Patti of @notdeadyetstyle should be followed for her radiant positivity alone. As a ‘sixty-something woman, wife, professional, auntie and crazy cat lady’, Patti’s positive and sunny philosophy is visible through her quirky and unapologetic style. She imbues vivacity into the words ‘stay fabulous’, showing how authentic style will always look on-trend. Patti reminds us that we should dress for ourselves. Dress to look good, but more importantly to feel good. Even so, she also sports the hottest trends. This image of her wearing two striking pendant necklaces certainly caught my eye on her feed. I remember my mother had an Egyptian mummy pendant necklace that she wore every day throughout my childhood (it now sits in my jewellery box - so shh!). A statement pendant is an item for you to treasure forever, so harness Patti’s style with the layered pendant look. Play with length and style with these three silver pendant necklaces. Of course, you can mix it up with silver and golds. But start with the basics with a colour theme, then you can get playful with your individual style.

Get the look:

Sterling Silver Decagem Necklace Kew Serpent Sterling Silver Pendant Duende long necklace


Claudia Steinlein (@glamupyourlifestyle)

 Whilst Claudia keeps her accessories minimal, the blogger still exhibits impeccable style. Going back to basics could be the best thing for your style in 2019. We all need those key jewellery items to elevate our outfits day-to-day. Claudia will not only show you how to wear classic clothing ensembles with flair, such as earth tone layers or plaid prints. But she will also demonstrate the timelessness of simple jewellery pieces. Look how elegant the chain and pearl necklace looks on her, styled with two silver choker necklaces. To recreate this look, I have chosen three silver necklaces of varying lengths. Wear together or style with your other silver jewellery for an effortless look that is chic and classy.

Get the look: 

Mini Sequin Necklace Sterling Silver Half Way Necklace Sterling Silver Gabe Necklace

Linda Fargo (@lindafargo)

Linda Fargo is a trailblazer in the world of fashion. As senior vice president of the fashion office at Bergdorf Goodman, her style reflects years of fashion expertise and nuance. Fargo is a highly influential figure in the fashion industry. This is visible through her jewellery, which endlessly conveys superior taste and luxury finesse. Follow Linda Fargo and discover the artistry of layering. From outlandish Gucci chains to bold stacks of bangles (pictured above), her Instagram is rich with style inspiration. Her style is evidently influenced by travel and culture. One can discern where she is in the world through her clothing, which always signifies a connection to her surroundings. Inspired by the alluring life of Fargo, I have chosen three gold bracelets which emanate splendour. All three bracelets are unique and would work as stand alone pieces. But stack together for a statement look that demands admiration. 

Get the look:

Caleb Yellow Gold Vermeil Enamel Bangle Snakes Bracelet Honeycomb Gold Bracelet

 Images from Pinterest
Stacked rings, multiple bangles, layered necklaces. Have fun with your jewellery by sporting the layered look this season.