I don't want to alarm you, but there are only 8 more sleeps until Christmas. We have a stunning collection of gifts that are perfect for the last-minute shopper like you. No need to panic. No need to stress. We've got you covered. 

Order from our  last-minute collection,and your gifts will be Delivered In Time For Christmas. You can finally put your feet up knowing that your present shopping is all done and dusted. Order by the 19th of December for Christmas delivery (Orders placed after midday may incur an extra day for delivery).

Order in time for Christmas

Sleigh bells ring, and you haven’t been listening...

You’ve left your present shopping too late. Why do you always do this to yourself? Ditch the body scrub and moisturiser this year, and buy the women in your life a present that will last them a lifetime. It will seem as though you have put lots of thought into your gift, and they won't even know how late you bought it!

This gorgeous ring by Nadia Minkoff is timeless, classic and statemented. The Christmas chocolate box colours are warm in tone and exude an aura of comfort. An elegant woman needs an elegant ring in her life. Why not be the person to give one to her? 

Yellow Gold Plated Magma Kate Cocktail Ring

Nadia Minkoff | Yellow Gold Plated Magma Kate Cocktail Ring | £38.00

Don’t delay, we’re already packing Santa’s Sleigh...

JewelStreet is a hub that brings together talented independent jewellers from around the world. We give customers access to one-of-a-kind jewellery that they cannot find on the high street. From the bustling streets of Hong Kong to the serene Nordic mountains, JewelStreet sources a diverse selection of jewellery just for you.

These regal teardrop earrings by Latelita London are feature signature sparkles which catch the light from day to night. The greatest Christmas presents are ones that can be used even after the festive season is over. With these stunning earrings, your loved one can dance from the day into the night, no matter what time of year. 


 Yellow Gold Plated Star Burst Brushed Teardrop Earrings

 Latelita London | Yellow Gold Plated Star Burst Brushed Teardrop Earrings | £99.00

A jewellery gift speaks a thousand words...

Unique and exclusive are words synonymous with JewelStreet’s mesmerising jewellery collections. Don’t you want your Christmas gifts to also be unique, exclusive and luxurious? With varying styles and inspirations, you are bound to find that perfect gift for the special woman in your life.

Jewellery can reflect the wearers personality, and can hold memories and have sentimental value. If there's one thing you should be buying this Christmas, it's the Gold Magical Charm Necklace by Lily Blanche. Whimsical and wonderful, this piece is perfect for the girl who seeks adventure and loves a fairy tale narrative. 

Gold Magical Charm Necklace - Peace

Lily Blanche | Gold Magical Charm Necklace - Peace | £100.00

To bee or not to bee... 

That is not the question. The real question we're all asking is why haven't you finished your Christmas shopping yet? 

These Sterling Silver Bee Stud Earrings are ideal for a nature lover. They appear to playfully hover on the ear lobe, and they are perfect for the upcoming Spring season. Get the woman in your life something that she can wear on the daily. She can carry a piece of you with her everyday, and she will never forget this truly precious gift. 

Sterling Silver Bee Stud Earrings

 Deborah Blyth Jewellery | Sterling Silver Bee Stud Earrings | £70.00

For someone you love eternally...

It can be hard to find the woman in your life something which equals their worth.

Get them a present that says ‘I love you’ or ‘you are special to me’. There is no other gift that says this clearer than the Sterling Silver & Gold Heart ring by Lavan. This is suited to women of all ages, and can be a keepsake that she treasures for years to come. 

Remember, jewellery gifts are not only for Christmas. They are for a lifetime. 

Sterling Silver & Gold Heart Ring

 Lavan | Sterling Silver & Gold Heart Ring | £110.00