Have you ever wondered what earrings to wear to work? You try on a pair and wonder whether they’re a little too bold or punchy for work. Alternatively, you want to feel confident channelling your authentic style. How do you find a comfortable in between?

Discover these five pairs of earrings you’ll love this season. From elegant drop earrings to edgy studs. You can rest assured that your workwear style will be appropriate yet chic with these beautiful picks. 

Latelita London - £49

Citrine Earrings

Citrine is the perfect gemstone for autumn. Its warm amber hues mirror the colours of fallen leaves and twilight tones, elegantly capturing the beauty of this time of year. With this in mind, choose Latelita London’s beautiful citrine drop earrings to wear to work. Their understated design combined with the radiance of the gemstone is a perfect fusion of elegance and edge for the office environment. 

Roz Buehrlen - £30

Skull studs

Roz Buehrlen’s quirky and cute chattering skull studs are the perfect pair of earrings for the rock and roll-er. One may see a minimal pair of rhodium studs at first glance, but upon further inspection you’ll notice a one-of-a-kind skull earring - each with an individual expression on the face. This designer’s attention to detail is stunning, so make sure you snap up one of her amazing pieces!

Agneta Bugyte - £270

Metallic earrings

Want a piece of designer jewellery that’s full of emotion? Meet eponymous jewellery brand Agneta Bugyte. Agneta works in total silence when crafting her jewellery, pouring every ounce of attention and care into each and every piece. Her rod earrings are hand carved and painted to an incredible degree of precision. With a metallic palette of black, silver and gold, these unique earrings will be an understated yet stylish pair to rock at the office. 

Corinne Hamak - £1,325

Diamond Studs

Break the conventions of jewellery etiquette and sport some luxury diamond earrings to the office. Corinne Hamak’s gold and diamond studs are the perfect pair. The fashionable design will show that you’re a modern and trendy individual who likes to look sharp. You’ll feel amazing with these delicate earrings adorning your workwear.

Susan Driver - £97

Gold earrings

Petite pieces like these elegant earrings by Susan Driver are ideal for the office environment. The design is especially modern and on-trend, which will make you exude confidence and poise. Style with your hair tied back and let these gorgeous earrings shine. Affordable and functional, what could be more fitting (and chic) for the office?

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