Forget diamonds and rubies, everyone is wearing unusual gemstone jewellery now. I know what you’re thinking: ‘If everyone is wearing them, I want something different!’ Well that’s precisely the beauty of unconventional gemstones - each is unique and special in its own way. You won’t spot anyone wearing the same jewellery because your piece was chosen carefully by you. It enhances and resonates with your individual style.

Ever heard of tanzanite? Bloodstone? Iolite? These gemstones often slip under the fashion radar, in favour of the big names in the gemstone game. Carve an authentic style for yourself with gemstones whose magic resides in its unconventionality. These gemstones radiate a palette of delicious hues. Discover the unusual gemstone jewellery that will elevate your fashion stance in autumn.

Marcello Riccio, £180

These incredible earrings looks as though they’re dipped in paint. This unique green gemstone is malachite, a gem known for its verdant tones and marbled surface. Green is a colour not everyone feels comfortable wearing - it’s striking, bold, but attractive. With these dazzling earrings hanging elegantly from your lobes, you’ll channel confidence and poise.

Heather Kenealy Jewelry, £193

Before discovering Heather Kenealy Jewelry, I had never heard of a druzy quartz. Druzy refers to the crystalised surface of quartz gemstones, often forming a sugary effect as shown on this elegant bracelet. With the pastel ice-cream colour of this gemstone, it simply looks delicious. Style with your most sophisticated cocktail dress for a glamorous evening look that’s unforgettable.


PHIRA LONDON handcraft bold and confident jewellery not confined to a gender. This bloodstone signet ring will certainly spark conversation within your social circle. Reflecting subtly hued of maroon, navy blue and forest green, this edgy piece is the key jewellery piece to make your presence known. Walk into every room with confidence with a striking signet ring like this one.

Conges, £876

Conges’ unique barrel necklaces allow you to choose from 10 unconventional gemstones, for a style that’s truly your own. From vibrant and punchy chrysoprase to subtle green tourmaline, pick a colour that reflect who you are. All gemstones are untreated and raw, with the design permitting you to wear the necklace in two different ways. When you choose Conges jewellery, the power of style is placed in your hands.

JONA, £1,625

How amazing are these earrings by JONA? This Italian jewellery brand handcraft all their jewellery in the heart of Torino using a cluster of natural gemstones. Tanzanite is one of my favourite gemstones. It’s unforgettable colour switches between rich powder blue and deep purple, creating an aesthetic that is striking and magical. A huddle of tanzanite teardrops hang suspended from a sleek silver chain, creating a pair of earrings that emanate luxury.

Mishanto London, £89

Mishanto London boast over three generations of gemology expertise, which is evident through their endlessly chic gemstone jewellery. This eye-catching prehnite has a distinctive milky green colour - something you do not often see in the world of jewellery. Masterly cut and set, these gemstones are sprinkled on a simple gold chain, forming a piece of jewellery that every woman would cherish.

Elena Jewelry Concepts, £110

Tourmalines come in a variety of colours, from juicy pinks to warm greens. This striking ring is handcrafted in Greece by Elena Vezyroglou, a designer who imbues each piece with colour and soul. Amongst the curved twists of 24kt gold, a plush green tourmaline takes centre stage. Watch the colours of this unusual gemstone dance in the autumn light. 

Xiaohe Shen, £234

You won’t have seen jewellery anything like New York-based brand Xiaohe Shen. Inspired by the lunar pull of the moon, this cosmic single earring will add an asymmetrical edge to your outfit. Featuring a natural blue chalcedony gemstone, this quirky piece will place your style game on par with the frontrunners of the fashion industry.