Jewellery Horoscope

Ever wondered if your star sign has an impact on what jewellery you wear? Discover your jewellery horoscope. What do the moon and stars have in store for you today? Are you in need of a jewellery box refresh? Or is romance calling, meaning you need a new pair of gorgeous earrings to look the part! Check out your horoscope and find the jewellery to match what’s written in the stars this season.

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Moondance Amazonite Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring Aries Jewellery Pink Cube Necklace In Resin

SVP Jewellery | Moondance Amazonite Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring | £95.00
NH-Art | Pink Cube Necklace In Resin | £55.00

Did you know the most romantic moments happen in the rain? It may be pouring down today but love is in the air. Some people put their blinkers on when it comes to love for fear of getting hurt… sound familiar? Aries, don’t your stubborn disposition blind you from those who care. Embrace your creative and impulsive side and seize the day! Bold and bright jewellery will enhance your positive traits. Whatever your plans, whether you’re having cocktail with the girls or a dinner with a special someone. Make an entrance with jewellery that will make you feel empowered and strong.

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

Amethyst Locket Taurus Star Sign Jewellery Sterling Silver Compassion Buddha Charm

Lucky for you, Taurus, your hard work and persistence will soon pay off. It’s been a testing time. Your creativity has been flowing but it’s starting to exhaust you. But don’t worry, channel the positive energy because you’re about to produce your best work! You may have been feeling your yin and yang colliding - your internal drive is battling against your desire to relax and slow the pace down. All what you’ve been working towards is about to reach completion, so celebrate with a personal piece of jewellery that reflects your perseverance. A locket or charm bracelet will capture your positive energy perfectly. So rejoice, Taurus! The sun is about to burst through the clouds.

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20)

Luccichio Citrine Stud Earrings Gemini Jewellery Cascade Ring Amethyst

Is life feeling like too much right now? You’ve got lots going on, Gemini. Sometimes it’s best to sit down, relax, and process what you’re feeling. If not, your emotions will overwhelm you at the least convenient time. Your quick-witted humour and strong communication skills make you seem like the height of balance and composure to everyone else. But deep down you have lots of emotions and don’t always know when to take a time out! Now is the time to restore your energy. Reserve some time in your planner for some much-needed self care. Gemstone jewellery is the perfect pick to help balance your chakras. With powerful healing abilities and positive energy, some amethyst or opal will give you all the tools you need for some Gemini TCL.

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22)

Eye Shall Protect You Stud - Green & Blue Cancer star sign Jewellery Twin Skull Earrings

Zena Haddad | Eye Shall Protect You Stud - Green & Blue | £845.00
Stefere Limited | Twin Skull Earrings | £5,208.00

Take a deep breath, Cancer. You’re in for a fiery time! You’re a rare personality to come by. Gutsy. Resilient. And sensitive. You’re the figure everyone needs for compassion and understanding. But it’s time to rock the boat a little. With opinions being thrown around left, right and centre, it’s time to raise your voice. Confrontation is not your strong point. But with your rational disposition, I know you can keep your composure. Certain individuals are grinding your gears today and you can feel the fire burning within. Harness your inner strength and patience and kill them with kindness. Cancer are famous for their helpful traits, but don’t let that make you lose your voice! A statement pair of earrings will show everyone who’s boss. Feel edgy, chic and spontaneous and you shock the crowd with your lesser known adventurous side. I guarantee your confidence will be lifted sky-high!

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Yellow Gold Plated Silver Mini Pineapple Earrings Leo Star Sign Jewellery Pink as F Necklace

Okay, Leo. It’s time for a chat. The transition between seasons has left you feeling a little mellow recently. Usually bold and full of confidence, you’ve been feeling out of sorts of late. It’s okay to feel vulnerable, but you need to keep your friends close. You have a tendency to act out when you’re sense of self is low, which is a recipe for disaster! The worst thing you can do is push your friends away, so find that fun-loving energy within you to plan something fun with your loved ones. You’ll be feeling back to your normal self in no time as long as you channel the right energy. A light-hearted and playful piece of jewellery will help restore your fierce and fun side! Perhaps a quirky charm or racy necklace would do the trick. Your friends may also be needing a little pick-me-up, so assemble the group for a night of carefree fun!

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

Cherubino Brooch Virgo Jewellery Yellow Gold Plated Mini Guggenheim Ring With Pearl

Frustration is the flavour of the month for you Virgo. But not all is lost! Perhaps a career goal is seeming out-of-reach for you at this current moment. Life is about balance, and whilst you may feel like you’re failing in one aspect of your life, it’s time to see the big picture. Friendship and romance are in your favour this month! You’ve never been happier with your personal life, so revel in the positive energy and be thankful. This career block may seem like the bain of your life because you’re putting too much pressure on perfection. Give yourself a break, Virgo! No one has it all together, as much as they’d like to! A piece of jewellery that reminds you of who you are could be your saving grace. You create your own happiness and that deserves celebrating with an emblem of your success. So sit back and let yourself relax, Virgo. You’re killing it right now!

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

Sterling Silver Pave Diamond Studs Libra Star Sign Jewellery  Classic Diamond April Choker

Ellen Mohr Designs | Sterling Silver Pave Diamond Studs | £310.00
VOA Fine Jewellery | Classic Diamond Choker | £990.00

You’re the star sign everyone wants a part of. Your fairness is admired. Your style is envied. Your sensitivity and harmonious lifestyle is praised by all. This makes you think, why am I feeling unsatisfied? Libra, you give and share all you have, which makes you feel guilty for wanting to do things for yourself. It’s okay to treat yourself, Libra! You focus so much of your time on helping others at the expense of your own desires. It’s why you’re loved by so many. But speaking up and putting yourself first can also be a sign of strength. Perhaps a certain personal situation has been dampening your energy for a while now. It’s time to take action and protect yourself. Remind yourself that your happiness is just as important as everyone else’s! Your jewellery horoscope tells me you need a piece of jewellery to reinvigorate you. Reconnect with yourself with something a little opulent. It’s time to treat yourself, you are a Queen after all!

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Silver Charm Bracelet Scorpio Jewellery Splash Studs

Trust is something you always struggle with. It’s what you look for in relationships, and it’s what you expect from close ones. Recently, you’ve questioned the trust of someone dear to you. You’ve been overthinking their motives and intentions. You’ve jumped to conclusions before, Scorpio, and how did that work out for you? It’s time to swallow your pride and submit your sense of authority this time. You could end up hurting someone you love, so try to harness some patience and look at situations with a rational perspective. Your bravery and trendsetting disposition can often make you feel alone and different to everyone else. But acting on irrational whims is not always the best thing to do. Communicate with your loved ones and refresh your bonds of trust. Why not show someone you care with a piece of gift jewellery this month? It could be the perfect remedy to appease your insecurities.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Dew Drop Diamond Eternity Ring  Sagittarius Star Sign Jewellery Ruby Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

Rosey West | Dew Drop Diamond Eternity Ring | £1,479.00
XISSJEWELLERY | Ruby Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver | £48.00

You’ve been avoiding making a big decision, Sagittarius. But time is almost up. Don’t let your ambitions cloud what you truly desire. It’s easy for you to get stuck in the fast lane. You’re always seeking adventure, knowledge and progress, which isn’t always a bad thing. However, reflecting upon and reevaluating your goals and desires could be a good move for you. You dream big, but thinking about the small things could lead to a life changing decision. Is there someone in your life you could be overlooking for the potential for romance? As a resourceful and ambitious character, you know how to turn a spark into a flame. Why not apply this philosophy to your personal life. Get romantic with your jewellery, Sagittarius. Think rubies and diamonds this month, because change is coming, and lucky for you, its rose-tinted!

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

Ditton Round Midi 9kt Yellow Gold Bangle Capricorn Star Sign Jewellery  VEGA Signet Texture ring

Anchor & Crew | Ditton Round Midi 9kt Yellow Gold Bangle | £925.00
VERA VEGA | VEGA Signet Texture Ring | £166.00

There’s a reason why Capricorns are renowned for their overachieving characteristics. Your desire for success, Capricorn, can never be dampened. You are mentally resilient and goal-orientated. You lead a balanced life and love of structure helps you carve the life you truly desire. Yet with all this said, you’re feeling like something’s missing. How can you feel dissatisfied with a life with everything in place? The reason you feel like this is because you put so much pressure on yourself. With goals so high, it feels like you’re always in pursuit of something more. Something else. It’s time to slow down, Capricorn before you get burnt out! Why not get yourself a piece of jewellery to remind you of your achievements. An emblem of your success. This will help you put your anxieties into perspective and focus on what you’ve achieved rather than what you’re falling short of.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Rose Gold Diamond Dangle Earrings Aquarius Star Sign Jewellery Rose Ring

Xavier Civera | Rose Gold Diamond Dangle Earrings | £1,983.00
Zolia Jewellery | Rose Gold Diamond Dangle Earrings | £200.00

Think fast, Aquarius, because you’re on a creative roll. Your rebellious and innovative temperament can often lead you astray. Well not today! The stars are in your favour and expect big things for yourself this month. Nurture your positive energy - your creative disposition is your best friend this month. Something in the change of season has sparked some fresh and bold ideas from you. But make sure you are patient with your colleagues, they might not always be on board right away. If there’s an opportunity to prove yourself, it’s now. Try not to let your eccentricity overpower what you’re saying. People are likely listen to you if you are calm and collected, so know when to reign it in. Even so, some bold and unusual jewellery is just what you need to reflect your passions. Think chic and unconventional and you’ll soon be creating magic!

Pisces  (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Rhodium Plated Silver Tricolour Gemstone Ring Pisces Star Sign Jewellery  Morganite and Diamond Floral Stud Earrings

Olivia Leone | Rhodium Plated Silver Tricolour Gemstone Ring | £67.00
Gemondo Jewellery | Morganite and Diamond Floral Stud Earrings | £167.00

Spring is usually your favourite time of year. The change of weather, temperature, and colours usually gets those creative synapses firing in all directions. But something is wrong. You feel confused. You’re unhappy with your image. You can’t think straight. Perhaps something in your personal life has triggered some deeply-set feelings of hurt and disconnect. Your reality is bursting the dreamy life you revel in. You’re not your usual self, and it’s time to address the issues that you’re bottling up head on. Use your compassionate energy to deal with your problems in a calm and secure way. Perhaps you simply need to remind yourself of who you are. Get yourself a piece of jewellery that encapsulates your sense of self. Maybe it’s a ring with your favourite gemstone. Or a pair of stud earrings that you can wear for days on end. We all need to be grounded at times, so be brave and battle your insecurities with conviction.