My husband wanted to propose somewhere special, so he waited for our holiday to Costa Rica and a trip to view an active volcano. After our boat trip we alighted for a walk to get a bit closer. He started fiddling about setting the camcorder up on the ground so he could catch the moment but I was walking away as we didn't have long until we had to get back on the boat. He rushed over, got down on one knee and said 'Zoe, you know I love you, shall we get married'. It wasn't what he meant to say as he was rushing due to seeing everyone else heading back towards us and the boat, and I thought he was messing about! He assured me he was serious so I said yes but he felt the need to propose twice more that day to try to get it right! We're too far away on the footage to hear any of what was going on. 

I also foiled a previous proposal attempt several months earlier by not wanting to go to the show he wanted to propose at, as we had already seen it once. Oops.

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