80s Style Jewellery

  1. Why We Love 80's Inspired Jewellery

    Why We Love 80's Inspired Jewellery

    The 80's are back! Well, kind’ve, the era can keep it's big shoulders and permed hair, we're interested in the jewellery! Celebrities are bringing 80's inspired jewellery into their 2018 outfits and we love it, so we've picked out our favourite handcrafted drop earrings and statement rings that we think we be the best way to add 80's-chic to your everyday look.

  2. Comeback 80's Necklaces

    Comeback 80's Necklaces

    Remember the '80s? How could you forget the wild hair, leopard print clothes, neon colours and bold necklaces? Well we love all of these things and they're all making a comeback. Subtle leopard print is transitioning from festival wear to day-to-day styles, wild hair in all its glory can be seen everywhere (though maybe not the perms) and 80's inspired necklaces are making a comeback.