The Winter Collection Jewellery

  1. What Type of Christmas Shopper are You?

    What Type of Christmas Shopper are You?

    I visited the shops last weekend and was greeted by a tsunami of panic. People were rushing, sweating, and I kid you not...crying. Christmas present shopping is the pinnacle of stress for most people. And, believe it or not, the Christmas panic can be contagious. Find out what type of Christmas shopper you are here...

  2. How to Style Ice and Snow Jewellery this Winter

    How to Style Ice and Snow Jewellery this Winter

    Baby it’s cold outside! Ice and snow themed jewellery is a stunning addition to your collection and is a great way to incorporate silver into your everyday look. To really feel in the Winter and Christmas spirit, here are our picks for ice and snow themed jewellery. You'll look like you're walking in a Winter Wonderland!

  3. White Christmas Inspiration

    White Christmas Inspiration

    Keep on top of the latest trends from our expert jewellery designers this Christmas and choose from an array of expertly handcrafted designs that we’ve sourced from Santa’s sleigh. From delightful diamonds, ice-cold metals and frosted jewellery pieces, you’re sure to discover a breathtaking piece that will complete your look this festive season.

  4. The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

    The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

    We’ve all been there. The last minute rush to buy Christmas presents for your family, the frantic trip to the store, the traffic jams, the pressure, the...tears. No need to worry this year though, as things are going to be different! Take a look at our ultimate Christmas gift guide and get planning early. You can thank us later.

  5. Winter Wedding Jewellery Must-Haves

    Winter Wedding Jewellery Must-Haves

    Winter weddings are magical, enchanting and romantic. Whether you are a guest or the bride-to-be, it is important to decide on what jewellery you are going to wear to accompany your outfit. Take a look at our top picks. We talk about the inclusion of colour, nature as an underlying theme, snowfall, love and how to pose for your wedding photography.

  6. Christmas Wish List

    Christmas Wish List

    Dear Father Christmas, please deliver beautiful handmade jewellery to all who desire it this Christmas. Like most of you, here at JewelStreet, we can't wait to start Christmas shopping. Let your loved ones know what jewellery pieces you would love to receive this year by making a short wish list. We have started one for you including rose gold, gemstones, diamonds and pearls, which are sure to put a smile on your face this Christmas morning.