Womens White Gold Wedding Rings

  1. Dajana & Michael's Proposal Story

    Dajana & Michael's Proposal Story

    Dajana couldn't believe her partner had involved so many people in his proposal plan...

  2. Rosie & Alex's Proposal Story

    Rosie & Alex's Proposal Story

    His foot slipped off the edge and he fell straight into the river... with Alex's phone in hand!

  3. Simon & Ruth's Proposal Story

    Simon & Ruth's Proposal Story

    I sent the package so that it would arrive in the US on Valentine's Day...

  4. Styling Tips from Celebrity Brides & Grooms

    Styling Tips from Celebrity Brides & Grooms

    So many celebrities got married in recent years, and we are constantly enamoured by their outlandish, extravagant and luxurious style. Get the top celebrity wedding style tips here...

  5. Natasha & Kyle's Proposal Story

    Natasha & Kyle's Proposal Story

    It was the best day of my entire life and I am so lucky to have met my soulmate!

  6. Fran & Dazz's Proposal Story

    Fran & Dazz's Proposal Story

    The song Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis was playing, which was the song that was playing when he first said "I Love You".

  7. Michelle & Mark's Proposal Story

    Michelle & Mark's Proposal Story

    I met my partner on the Saturday night of freshers week in 1999. This is the story of how he proposed...

  8. Alana & Stuart's Proposal Story

    Alana & Stuart's Proposal Story

    Dressed in my finest first date attire, I was all set to leave when I felt the dreaded buzz on my phone...