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Charlotte's proposal story

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I had been taken away for the weekend following my Uni graduation. It was 7th July, 2017 and we stayed in Chester. I had always longed to visit Chester Zoo, and that was the planned activity for the day. 

However, at breakfast I noticed things seemed different, James was quiet and fidgety. I went back up to the room to do my hair, whilst he claimed to watch 5 minutes of the Ruby downstairs. When he returned to the room I had packed everything away and was just sat doing my hair, when I saw him in the mirror pacing around and he didn't look well. I was now worried as I didn't want him feeling ill on the trip out so I asked if everything was okay. He said yes but then grabbed me and with all the courage in his body he dropped to one knee then opened a ring box that he had somehow reached from his pocket, and inside was the most beautiful blue sapphire and diamond ring. He was that anxious, that he stood up and said 'well?' before he had even asked the proper question. It was perfect. The most ambitious, confident individual was floored by asking the biggest question in his life. 

He then admitted how nervous he was before, because the ring box had been in his boot (which I had already packed in the suitcase)! So it was made even better as I had no idea it was in there!


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