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Diane's holiday proposal story

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I had made myself very clear..... having been married before, I would never, never get married again ; of that I was certain. The holiday in Cyprus had been wonderful; visiting my father in the village where he now lived. I stood on the balcony of the house with my sister, admiring the view, when I noticed my partner Mike approaching from the pool. On seeing me, he dropped on one knee and in his best head teacher voice, called across the village square, "Diane Barlow... Will you marry me?" It was like the scene from Romeo and Juliet. I started to laugh. He was still wearing his swimming trunks and towel. "Well, are you going to answer?" Mike made his way up to the balcony... my sister was holding the ring and my father held some champagne. Of course, I said "Yes" and the local restaurant opened especially for us. It was so romantic and I was the last to know. Love is still possible for the over 50s!


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