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My husband and I first met on a works day trip by coach to Boulogne. There was a sing song going on and he moved from the ‘well behaved’ front of the coach to the ‘rowdy’ rear. The only spare seat was by me.

We got on really well and saw each other every day from then on. On the seventh day, in a Chinese restaurant he proposed and I accepted. We went shopping for an engagement ring the next day.

My criteria was something, small, discreet and inexpensive, however Nick watched where my eyes went when I looked at the ring trays. I had to wait outside the shop whilst he paid for my beautiful sapphire and diamond swirl across three credit cards!

We married fourteen weeks later and are celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary in November. PS our two children are 34 and 32!


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  • Adrian: November 14, 2017

    7 days. Wow! Just goes to show ‘when you know, you know’. Congratulations.

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