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Joan & Clive

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I love my man. But he’s not always the brightest apple in the orchard.


He knew I loved making my own pottery so as a treat he took me for a surprise trip to a potter’s in Maidstone. Clive was making this big show of ‘oh we’re going to have a lovely day out, and oh it’s going to be a lovely surprise for you’.


Well, it was a surprise, but it wasn’t lovely. It was shut.


‘Doesn’t matter’ he says. ‘Because there’s a nice little tea rooms just around the corner we can go in instead.’


This wasn’t just shut. It had closed down.


In fairness, I had a bit of a go at him at this point and we ended up having a shouting match in the car. He got all defensive, saying he was only trying to make me happy, and how was he to know the potter would be shut on a Saturday. (Problem was it was a Sunday - Clive worked nights and had lost track).


At this point we both started laughing. Then he pulls the car over in a lay-by. Walks round, opens my door, gets a gold ring out of his pocket and gets down on one knee.


‘Marry me Joan’ he said.


I will never forget the way he looked at me.  


I screamed and then said yes.


32 years on, he’s reading this over my shoulder.


(We never did go back to Maidstone).



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