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Lynda's proposal story

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Well, what can I say - we met via a national newspaper dating site - from the start our names matched in that Gary was Rough Diamond and I was Diamond Cut - we emailed on line and then spoke one night - we talked for hours and then spoke every day until the following week when he travelled from Kent to Bath to meet me - we hit it of immediately.  When we met he had already had a tattoo done on his arm with a diamond and my name as a surprise.  We met at a local restaurant/hotel which had a watermill in the grounds.  We walked down to it when we met and he showed me the tattoo and then said 'you will have to marry me now!!'.  That was 2009, he moved down to Bath in 2010 and we eventually married in December 2016, the day before my birthday.  We told no one, but took along my mother and youngest son as witnesses, both believing they were going to a meal for my birthday.  The next day we flew to Gibraltar, my surprise birthday/wedding present.  I didn't believe it at the time, but Gary's prophecy the first day we met certainly came true!!  After traumatic marriages and divorce on both sides we have now met and married our soul mates!!!  


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