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Nicola's proposal story

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It's fair to say my now husbands proposal didn't go to plan! The setting in Split couldn't have been more perfect, the table in a candle lit courtyard was booked and Glyn had had a drink or two and was feeling courageous enough to go for it. Unfortunately I had been feeling a little queasy that evening but didn't want it ruin our weekend away by staying in, so I opted for soup and we talked about all sorts. As the waiter brought the soup though the overpowering smell of mushroom made my tummy double over and literally spewed where I sat, it dripped off the end of the waiters apron and there was a bit of a chaotic scene as waiting staff ran over to clean. I now know that waiter I had been sick on had the ring with him and Glyn was going to pop the question! Suffice to say, he did it the next morning as I lay in my sick bed and he looked after me for the rest of the day.... after I said yes. We got married in Split and the waiter I was sick on arranged the party!



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