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5 Reasons Why Milan Fashion Week Has The Best Jewelry

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Italian designers were feeling pretty nostalgic this season. And pretty extravagant. From fruity earrings at Dolce & Gabbana to single feathers at Versace, Milan’s jewelry was our favourite so far and here’s why...


We got our 5-a-day at Dolce & Gabbana

Things go fruity at Dolce & Gabbana. We saw jewelry in the shape of clementines, strawberries and aubergines.It was a festival of fun for the younger generation that every designer in Milan and New York appear to be calling out to.




…And our royal fix

We haven’t worked out how we’re going to transfer the crown from runway to everyday looks just yet.




OTT Talismanic necklaces caught our eye

Talisman jewelry has been trending for a while, but Gucci have confirmed it will continue into Spring/Summer 2018. Pearl, horns and colored gemstone necklaces were slung around models’ necks like modern-day rosaries.




We found something wearable at Mila Schön

Mila Schön are renowned for their simple, uncut styles that promote discreet luxury. There were no bold embellishments here. Instead, a contemporary take on modern hoops. We loved the minimalist design and it was refreshing to see an accessory that’s arguably more wearable.




And Kendall Jenner made us want to embrace the single earrings trend

Wearing one earring instead of two is nothing new. It’s been seen on the runways for seasons now. However, this single golden feather earring from Versace’s show was finally the one to sway us. If it looks good on Kendall it’ll look good on us, right?!




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