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A Chat with Alice River-Cripps - Designer and Founder of Posh Totty Designs

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Established by Alice River-Cripps in 2004, Posh Totty Designs' focuses on three core elements of personalization; honesty, empowerment and positivity. Affordable and whimsical, Posh Totty Designs’ evoke powerful emotions and connections, coupled with pieces that are beautiful and timeless to the owner.

From engraved discs to engraved moons, Posh Totty Designs' incorporate engraved powerful messages into stylish designs.

Read on to discover all about Posh Totty Designs.


Tell us about your journey to getting where you are today.

“Fresh out of university and uncertain of what the future held I embarked on a soul-searching trip to Mexico with only $60 in my pocket. With little more than a yoga mat for a bed and the stars for a ceiling, I managed to find work with a group of local Mayan jewellers. Here I was taught the basics of jewelry making, which planted the seed for my future career.

Upon arriving back to the UK, full of inspiration, "I decided to further develop my new found skills and dedicated all my spare time to learning and making jewelry - initially, working from a tiny cupboard under the stairs. It was sheer serendipity that lead me to experiment with alphabet steel stamps, an off the cuff purchase I made whilst rummaging in a junk shop one weekend.”

“I started out by stamping my own name onto tin cans until I finally refined the process enough to stamp onto silver. It was an unconventional process that had never been done before.”

Personalised Scalloped Curve Necklace- $83.00

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

“The notion that each piece of jewelry could be so unique and personal to the wearer was what propelled me to continue with my making; and in time, friends and family started to request personalized pieces.”

“Be it a new-burn's name and weight, a couple's wedding date or a father's last words, the sentiments were unlike fleeting fashion pieces and actually had real meaning behind them. Making keepsakes that immortalise special moments in time is something that I felt a huge privilege to be a part of, which still holds true to all of us at Posh Totty Designs today.”

Personalised Mini Spinning Necklace - $78.00

Aside from your jewelry, what are you most passionate about and driven by?

“Honesty, empowerment and positivity. Making and designing personalized jewelry enables us at Posh Totty to deliver all of these things- when women wear jewelry they love and have a connection with- it makes them feel confident. We feel privileged to play a part in this.”

How is your jewelry made?

“Our designs are hand stamped and therefore completely unique and individual to the wearer, just like the wearer. Slight irregularities are part of peoples charms, that’s why we love the authenticity and what hand stamping represents. Personalized jewelry is more than a fleeting fashion piece, it can evoke emotions and connections, and when that’s coupled with something that looks beautiful, that’s a powerful combination!”

Personalised Pearl and Circle Necklace Yellow Gold Plated - $105.00

What is your favourite piece of jewelry (personally) and what is the story behind it?

“My all time favourite piece of jewelry has to be the Eternity Diamond Necklace. I was inspired by the classic Russian rings that intertwined so decided to develop the concept into a necklace that could be personalized, with the added sparkle of hand set diamonds. It’s a timeless design that can’t fail to suit anyone.”

“The mixes of the different gold hues is beautiful- the subtlety of the personalized rings makes it the perfect extra special gift. Interestingly it is said that the three rings mean ‘for then, for now, forever’ That’s the perfect sentiment to pass to someone you love I think.”


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