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Black Gemstones: Top 5 Picks

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Here at Jewelstreet we offer gemstone jewellery in a rainbow of shades; from vibrant reds to uplifting yellows. However, a slightly more unusual colour that is currently on trend is black gemstones; these intensely dark stones have a sense of mystery and allure about them.

Whether it’s a highly coveted black diamond, or a popular onyx, we’ve handpicked a selection of our favourite jewellery featuring black gemstones. 





Black Diamond Pavé Ball With Hematite

Loushelou, London, UK ​

This bracelet from Loushelou is a way to wear black gemstones on an everyday basis. Black hematite beads, which are thought to stimulate concentration and enhance memory, are accented with a 18kt white gold ball pavé set with black diamonds. A cool and understated piece of jewellery.



Black Diamond Pavé Ball With Hematite





Black Stone Striped Cocktail Ring

Freida Rothman, Brooklyn, USA ​

This cocktail ring from Brooklyn –based designer Freida Rothman is the perfect accessory for a glamorous evening out. The contrasting metal finishes give the ring a striking aesthetic, finished with a pattern of black cubic zirconia.



Black Stone Striped Cocktail Ring





Black Tattoo Ring

Dada Arrigoni Jewelry, Beragamo, Italy ​

Inspired by the Berber designs, which are tattooed on the hands of the Berber population, this statement ring from Italian designer Dada Arrigoni expresses a seamless mix of tradition and modernism. Handcrafted from black gold and set with black diamonds, the articulated ring has been thoughtfully designed to move effortlessly with the natural movements of the hand.



Black Tattoo Ring




Yellow Gold Black Diamond Kew Dragonfly Pendant

London Road Jewellery, London, UK ​

If you like black gemstones, but want a more subtle and feminine piece of jewellery, this pretty Dragonfly Pendant is our top pick. Celebrating one of nature's most beautiful creatures, the dragonfly is handcrafted with intricate attention to detail, and set with black diamond eyes and textured rhodium wings.



Yellow Gold Black Diamond Kew Dragonfly Pendant




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