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Brand New Designers in July

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Our global tastemakers have been busy this month, and have found some exciting new international designers and brands. From fine jewellery with a nature-inspired, organic aesthetic by K.Brunini, to heritage gemstone designs from David Gross; meet the latest designers now available to shop on Jewelstreet. Shop New In




K. Brunini

Solana Beach, USA ​

K. Brunini are an American brand who specialise in the creation of unique high-end jewellery that embodies the graceful power of nature. Katey Brunini founded the brand in 1998, and since then her unique and organic creations have gained her much recognition within the industry, as well as countless awards including the Women’s Jewelry Association Award of Excellence in Design. Sourcing inspiration from her travels, Katey’s playful and ornately finished collections are all handcrafted from lasting materials; her designs mix precious metals with diamonds, pearls and rare gems. Katey and her talented team take pride in creating timeless jewellery to be worn and cherished by generations of unique individuals.


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K. Brunini




Elisa Ilana Jewelry

Omaha, USA ​

Elisa Ilana Jewelry was setup by Nebraska-based owner and jewellery designer, Laurie Langdon in 1996. Her collection features original designs handcrafted from the finest metals and semi-precious stones available. Laurie sources inspiration from intricate textures, styles and symbols, resulting in intricately detailed designs featuring interesting gemstones in all shapes, sizes and colours. Anyone who loves Game of Thrones will love Laurie’s latest ‘Highborn Collection’, inspired by the powerful and strong-willed, Daenerys Targaryen.


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Elisa Ilana Jewelry






London, UK ​

Every piece from Biiju is designed by founder Joanna Boyen and handmade in London’s prestigious jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden, by master craftsmen renowned for the quality of their work. Joanna’s inspiration for her designs comes from the many places she has lived over the years, from Africa to Russia, Peru to England, and the contrasting cultures has given Joanna an appreciation of diverse tastes. A signature feature of Biiju is their interchangeable elements; many of these pieces feature elements that you swap and change to match your look that day. Colourful, wearable jewellery.


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David Gross

New York City, USA ​

David Gross is a third generation jeweller and comes from a long line of gemmologists. Throughout his career he developed a strong passion for gemstones, and now David and his team source and re-cut gems to expose their natural beauty. Every piece from his collection is designed to complement the vibrant, multifaceted gemstones; resulting in elegant, heritage pieces that can be enjoyed for generations. We love the way David allows the gemstone to dictate the design, to ensure the stone’s magnificent beauty is highlighted.




David Gross




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