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18 Cool Earrings for Multiple Piercings

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Multiple piercings are a must these days. A single lobe piercing is not enough. From tragus to daith, conch to helix - the list of possible piercings is growing by the minute.

While changing up your main lobe piercing is often a daily ritual, the earrings in your second/third/fourth hole are likely to stay the same. So, what type of earring do you wear in your second hole? Look to dainty studs, tiny hoops and cool ear crawlers to keep your look on point every day. You could even try mismatched designs for a more individual look.

Here are some of our favorite earrings for all those extra piercings.

Silver Swallow Studs $129 | Star And Moon Gold Studs $129 | Chevron Single Stud $150


9kt Gold Knot Studs $129 | Black Diamond Silver Stud $387 | Hun Pitou Rice Grain Studs $65


Line Stud - Long $123 | Square Hoops $91 | Sloane Stud Earring Single $266
Tell Me Earring With Ruby $1,354 | ROX DNA Stud Earrings $55 | Gold Plated 2 Pearls Earring $170



Heart & Arrow Earrings $218 | Pave Nut Stud Earrings $114 | Small Shard Studs $91



Studs & Chain Earrings $122 | The Lett Earrings $39 | Dot Stud $91


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