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Elevate Your Style With Colored Diamonds

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Coloured Diamonds

It’s only Tuesday, and it’s already been a diamond-heavy week. We saw some dazzling jewelry from the likes of Cynthia Erivo and Olivia Colman at the BAFTAs (read here). And at the Grammys, the red carpet was drenched with diamond delights (check out the top looks here!) Diamonds are an accessory that will never go out of style. Dress up or dress down. Go bold or go understated. When styled in diamonds, you will always radiate sophistication.

When I think of diamond jewelry, I think icy white. I think platinum. Clear, cool and crystal-like. However, diamonds come in almost every color. One of the rarest diamonds in the world is a tangerine colored gemstone weighing an incredible 14.82-carats. The most minute details have the power to affect how a diamond will form. For example, diamonds mined within rocky terrain tend to have a green tint. Diamonds exposed to small quantities of boron adopt a blue hue. And if a diamond’s electronic structure is affected during mining, it will turn a red or pinkish hue. This makes each and every diamond unique, which is why colored diamonds are so sought-after!

Rare. Magical. Radiant. Who wouldn’t want a colored diamond? Whether you’re hot for fiery red hues, or prefer gleaming green tones, we have a gorgeous range of colored diamond jewelry for you to peruse. Discover my top picks of colored diamonds so you can harness that luxury style.

Spring blossom 

Rose Gold & Diamond Damasco Stud Earrings Blossom Sparkling Earrings 4kt Yellow Gold Chandi Earrings


Transform yourself into a botanical vision with floral jewelry this season. As the warmth and radiance of spring perfumes the air, embrace the delicate shapes blooming this season with elegant floral designs. Colored diamond jewelry used within floral motifs are elegant, chic and feminine. Preempt your spring awakening with these three picks that adopt the spring blossom trend. Pinomanna’s floral diamond stud earrings consist of a palette of chocolate, rose and white for a spring look that channels elegance. Made with love in the Italian town of Valenza, the designer takes inspiration from nature and art, fusing a contemporary and vintage aesthetic. The luxurious combination of diamonds, rubies and emeralds create a floral vision within Joana Salzars design - perfect to pair with your springtime wardrobe. And finally, the delicate and intricate design served to you by GEFEN JEWELRY is effortlessly chic. Don’t miss out on these gorgeous spring picks.


Celestial magic

Constellation Four Fingers Circle Floating Stars, Moon and Diamonds Rose Gold, Ruby & Diamond Constelación GL Drop Earrings


Celestial designs are predicted to be one of 2019’s top trends. The mystery and romance of the cosmos is a point of inspiration that many fashion designers are influenced by. Valentino’s iconic pre-fall 2015 collection utilised celestial symbols to create some unforgettable fashion ensembles. You should feel romantic and unique with your jewelry, which is why the celestial trend is the perfect one to get on board with this year. Feel as glittering as a shooting star with colorful diamond jewelry that will elevate your style to the cosmos. Stefere Limited’s Constellation Four Fingers piece uses subtle brown diamonds, which, with their pink gold setting, gleam magnificently. For a statement jewelry piece that is as astonishing as Van Gogh’s starry night, go for WYS’s Floating Stars, Moon and Diamonds necklace. And for some dainty celestial elegance, choose the constellation drop earrings by Jaime Moreno. 


Golden hour - Egyptian-inspired

Scarab Necklace With Black Diamonds I Inspire And Calm What I See Necklace 

Small Scarab Body Chain

Golden hour is my favourite time of day. As the sun rests its rays, we are treated to warm hues of honey and gold. Gold was a symbol of luxury in Ancient Egyptian times. We are still influenced by their iconic jewelry aesthetics, with their jewel-adorned gold cuffs and collars. This trend is making a comeback - and Conges is the perfect designer to look to for Egyptian-inspired jewelry pieces. With their use of hieroglyphics, black and gold diamond combinations, and unique range of body jewelry - you needn’t look further to channel some Egyptian elegance. The scarab necklace and body chain could be worn together for a bold look that exudes authentic style. Mix and match Conges jewelry to look on-trend head to toe. 



Pendulum White Gold Plated Earrings Hearts On Fire Ear Climber - Pink AK Pink Gold Pendant Set With Black Diamonds


Contemporary jewelry always pushes the boundaries of form and shape. When unique shapes are paired with gorgeous colored diamonds, your jewelry will always look striking. Take Manuale Jewelry’s pendulum earrings for example. The asymmetrical design commands attention. Within the drop earring lies a gleaming pink ruby, subtle and chic. Staying with the pink theme, I have chosen Zena Haddad’s Hearts On Fire Ear Climber as my second pick. Encased within the 18kt gold lies a unusual pink sapphire and four gleaming diamonds. This classic piece fuses modern shapes with traditional gemstones for a look that begs for admiration. Feel confident and classy with a unusual piece of jewelry everyone will envy. Finally, for a dark and dangerous look, go for the sexy AK pendant by AKILLIS. Black diamonds radiate luxury. So bite the bullet and invest in jewelry that’ll make you stand out.


Fairytale finesse

18kt Rhodocrosite Frog Ring With Champagne Diamonds 18kt Rose Gold Forbidden Fruit Ring 18kt White & Rose Gold Starstruck Ring With Multi-Colour Diamonds


Do you live in a fantasy world? Push the boundaries of reality with fairytale jewelry that’s cute and quirky. Think pastel colors and ethereal aesthetics - doesn’t that sound dreamy? Well take a look at what I’ve found for your. Firstly, Syna’s frog ring with champagne diamonds screams high fashion. This ring makes me think of a Gucci campaign - luxury, intriguing and magical. Twist by Danya’s Forbidden Fruit ring is part of the Garden of Eden collection. The designer captures the point between innocence and sin, using biblical symbolism to convey the nightmare in paradise. Passion and panache are the two perfect words to describe this ring. Who could help but compliment anyone wearing this diamond delight? Finally, for a feminine ring fit for a princess, shop Joke Quick’s dazzling multi-colored diamond ring. This pick would be perfect to shine at a wedding or special occasion. 

If you're not completely enticed by these dazzling diamonds, shop our premium range of diamond jewels. We know our customers want to stay on-trend - find that perfect pick today.


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