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How to style Rose Gold

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Rose gold has taken the world by storm, making its way into clothing, jewelry and even technology! Rose gold has become increasingly popular in the 21st Century. It hasn’t just invaded the fashion industry, but the world of automobiles has also been struck by the rose gold trend. That’s right, you can get a rose gold car or if you want something smaller, a rose gold iPhone. Most commonly it is used in jewelry and it has fast become a popular jewelry material and has brought younger fans into the jewelry world.

Rose gold is a mix of yellow gold, silver and copper, and this combination gives it its signature blush color. Despite its pink color, rose gold has a gender neutral appeal and is regularly seen on both men and women. Rose gold has soft feminine blush tones and is a versatile material as it goes well with other colors and metals. Rose gold looks beautiful next to warmer skin tones and is the perfect color for Spring and Summer. Rose gold is a subtle way to add color and as a member of the gold family, it has a wide appeal being a classic material with a modern colorful twist.

Find out JewelStreet’s top tips for how to style rose gold jewelry.


Pair with gemstones

You can never have enough color, which is why you should style rose gold with other vibrant and colorful gemstones. Rose gold is the top choice for engagement rings as it gives a vintage essence to the ring. As rose gold is so versatile, you can pair almost any gemstone with them. Try keeping it classic with a simple diamond. The bright sparkle of the diamond will look beautiful embedded in the rose gold. Both colors and shines balance each other out and create a bold sparkling look. Alternatively, stay pink and incorporate pink gemstones like morganite with rose gold. The transition from metal to gemstone is easy on the eyes, creates a feminine princess look and the similar colors perfectly compliment each other. For something darker, incorporate black or blue gemstones for an edgy look or go for something really colorful with vibrant turquoise.


Verifine London 18kt Rose Gold XV 3-Ring Eternity Stack With Pink Sapphires (Left)| $1,713.00
Tsai x Tsai | 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil San Shi Garnet Bracelet (Right)| $128.00


Mix and match metals

Mixing metals tends to be avoided by jewelry lovers but the combination of silver and gold has recently become a big trend. Rose gold gives a great pop of color when combined with silver or white gold. Alternatively, pair with yellow gold for an OTT colored look. Pick jewelry that combines multiple metals within one piece or layer your rose gold pieces with other metals and materials you have in your jewelry box.


Tezapsidis Jewellery White & Rose Gold Personalised Unisex Wedding Band (Left)| $569.00
Auree Jewellery 9kt Gold Brompton Bangle (Middle)| $692.00
RUBINIA GIOIELLI | 9kt Rose Gold & Silver Classic Oro Rosa Argento 13 Ring (Right)| $843.00


Keep it vintage

Rose gold has a luxurious vintage look and has continuously popped up in historical periods and designs. Rose gold was very popular in Russia at the beginning of the 19th Century and was once coined as Russian gold. Rose gold was a big hit in the 1920s Art Deco period and it also made an impression in the 1940s and 1950s. The easy vintage glamour of rose gold makes it a perfect choice for engagement rings. Combine rose gold with similar vintage pieces, like pearls and geometric designs to create a look that is timeless.


Cristina Cipolli Jewellery Rose Gold Plated Snaketric Edgy Ring (Middle)| $879.00
Murkani Jewellery | Rose Gold Vintage Treasure Necklace (Right)| $150.00


Make it layered

The layering trend is a big hit in the fashion world and it is so simple to do. Layering your rose gold is ideal if you don’t want to add any extra gemstones or other colors. Layering rose gold necklaces gives a dainty and girly look that is perfect for the Summer. Rose gold watches are increasingly popular so stack a rose gold bracelet next to a rose gold watch for an edgy look. For earrings, embrace your multiple piercings and make a layered rose gold look. This will give a sense of fluidity and movement, as your rose gold accessories trail down your ear. For rings, wear them on each finger or stack them high to create a fun, playful and multi-colored vibe.


Black Betty Design 9kt Rose Gold Bullet Necklace (Middle)| $1,072.00
RUBINIA GIOIELLI | 9kt Rose Gold Oro Rosa Diamanti Bracelet (Right)| $437.00



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