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Influencers to follow for festival fashion

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The best way to ensure your festival look is next-level chic this season is to seek inspiration from the most stylish influencers on Instagram! Festival fashion should be authentic, playful and elegant. You want to stand out when grooving amongst the masses, don’t you? Check out the diverse style of these five amazing influencers for a festival look that radiates confidence. From city-based style editors to rural UK bloggers, these influencers have something to satisfy all your fashion tastes!


Kate Fenton (@katefenton)

Style tip: seek comfort in cool casuals

(Disclaimer: please excuse me whilst I pour my heart out over one of my favourite influencers). If there’s a single woman to follow, not only for authentic and unique style inspiration, but also for daily doses of positivity and general radiance, it’s Kate Fenton. This Australia-based ray of sunshine will truly bring some sisterly magic to your Instafeed. From body positivity to OOTD realness, festival style inspiration is just a single shade of joy Kate’s platform will serve you. If words such as playful, casual and chic resonate with your personal aesthetic, you’re definitely going to get on with Kate. It’s easy to lose your sense of selfhood among the overwhelming ocean of social media. Kate Fenton’s charm and charisma will have you adopting a carefree approach to style: if you love it, wear it. If no one else does, we all know what finger to show them…


Ella Karberg (@ellakarberg)

Style tip: mismatch your bracelets 

You’ll soon be swooning over Ella Karberg Simonsen’s eclectic and original content. From candy-colored car bonnets to casual close-ups of her latest kicks, your festival look will be contemporary and cool if Ella is your muse. Playing with color and cut, Ella shows followers how to channel authentic style when harnessing a tasteful and understated approach to styling. Through a few key wardrobe staples, you can mix and match items to form an elegant and eclectic aesthetic. I love seeing how Ella mismatches her bracelets to create a layered look that radiates charm. Take a leaf out of her style book for a festival look full of energy and panache.


Akira Reid (@akira_reid)

Tip: go sporty couture

International model Akira Reid sure knows how to channel street-style edge. Of course, Akira could be our inspiration for high-end glamour, provincial vibes, and city style - she’s a style chameleon. But for your next festival, Akira’s sporty style is the perfect aesthetic to harness. How fabulous does she look in these little cycle shorts and net vest? Go colorful, playful and fierce like Akira this festival season. Fast fashion is plaguing the festival scene, so stand out from the crowd and wear something edgy and bold. Those who smash the sportswear trend shake up the fashion scene with confidence and attitude. Be that girl in the crowd who radiates beauty simply because she’s doing her


Ragini R (@kittehinfurs)

Style tip: be bold in prints

Blogger and vintage-enthusiast Ragini is the perfect muse to base your festival look upon. Her cultivated and confident approach to style will inspire you to invest in some cheerful and chic printed clothing. Rocking a bold print always makes you feel great. Look how radiant Ragini looks in this stylish yellow ditsy print dress, a trend that’s huge this season. You’ll stand out in this crowd this festival season with a colorful and creative print you won’t see anyone else wearing! Why not follow suit and shop vintage for a festival look that’s authentic and original. Style with layered gold jewelry and a vintage headscarf and voila! You’ll be looking and feeling like a goddess whilst soaking up your favourite songs.


Hannah Baxward (@hannahbaxward)

Style tip: channel iconic industrials

You know you can trust esteemed fashion editor Hannah Baxter to sell you some solid style advice. This New York-based fashion connoisseur has mastered the play between color and texture to carve a style totally unique to her. From edgy co-ords to neon power suits, learn how to exude poise through Hannah’s eclectic and sophisticated approach to fashion. The best festival ensembles are the ones that look understated and effortless. With a few structured and striking pieces you can put together a look that no one else will be wearing. Invest in a printed co-ord like Hannah for a festival look that’s confident and chic. The blue and orange color palette commands attention, so why not follow suit with something bold and bright? Style with a pair of gold hoops and a gemstone huggie to add those necessary accents. 



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