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Introducing emerging London brand: Puck Wanderlust

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In 2015, two London girls with curious natures and a love for beautiful things joined forces to create mindful jewellery brand, Puck Wanderlust. Using 100% recycled metals and healing gems, they design their pieces in the concrete jungle of London and then travel around the world to find the finest stones and artisans to work with.

Sustainability is at the heart of the brand, from packaging to production. Working with healing gemstones & precious metals, designs are set into an intricate geometric base, inspired by mandalas in ancient forms of meditative art and each with its own unique power and energy. We chat to Hannah and Ranelle.



Sharing their love for jewellery

Hannah and Ranelle met in 2007 whilst both working in the fashion industry and they instantly hit it off. They both shared a love for jewellery; “We had always had an obsession with jewellery, we’re both like little magpies - we just love shiny things! We love to scout flea markets and have picked up some really special pieces along the way. We also love finding little treasure on our travels.”


Ranelle and Hannah press shot



“Having both worked in fashion and the creative industries for a number of years, we felt like we were ready to embark on our own project and between us we had the right contacts and knowledge to make a go of it!”



Fast forward to 2013 and the two friends decided to join forces professionally and start their own business. “We were chatting over a few glasses of wine (as we do), asking ourselves what we wanted from life! We were both struggling to find meaning and fulfilment in the fast paced nature of what we were doing. Later that month, we visited Frieze art fair together, seeing a game-changing exhibition called ‘Old Jewellery’ by Kara Hamilton. She was creating pieces from old bits of jewellery to create something new and beautiful. It was so inspirational how you could take something used and forgotten and turn it into something desirable again - giving it a new lease of life.”



Walking into the unknown


Both Hannah and Ranelle’s mothers have been really strong role models in their lives. “Without their unwavering support and encouragement, there is no way we would have taken the leap to leave our comfortable jobs and walk into the unknown!”

Ranelle was born and raised in Yorkshire, but enjoyed a short stint living in Australia. “From a young age, I had a strong sense of adventure. Growing up in the country, I always longed for the time when I was big enough to see the world. My childhood was spent in the fields, building our own go-carts, walking in the countryside, building dens, camping in the open and going fishing - it really was a special time.”


“Without their unwavering support and encouragement, there is no way we would have taken the leap"


Hannah was born in the UK but moved to Canada aged just one-year-old. “We lived in a motorhome and explored the country (not that I can remember) before settling in Alberta. Aged 5, I moved to British Columbia and we lived in a tiny house with no running water or electricity that we called ‘The Shack’, while my dad built us a massive log cabin to live in! I would have to ski to the bus stop in the winters because there was sometimes 6 foot of snowfall! It was all country music, mountains and wilderness - proper cowboy country. It has no doubt shaped my personality now and my constant quest for adventure in the great outdoors.”




Family craftsmen and handpicked gemstones

With a strong connection to India through their travels, Ranelle and Hannah knew this was the place to find talented craftsmen who they wanted to work with, as well as beautiful gemstones to craft with. “Some old work colleagues introduced us to brothers Ram and Sunil who ran their own family business in Rajasthan and had years of expertise working with gemstones and precious metals. They had us round for dinner to meet their families that evening. We formed an instant bond and have never looked back.”


Their gemstones are sourced from all over the world, from Afghanistan to Mozambique, and all the silver is recycled. “All our designs are handcrafted and made to last, we only work with likeminded people, employing sustainable methods from packaging to production. Each stone we use has been selected using folklore as a basis for inspiration. We want each piece to have its own story, something that holds personal significance for the wearer.”






"The main thing to remember is that it’s what’s inside that really counts -  then you can always dress that up with a little glitter and gold!"



It's what’s inside that really countsPuckwanderlust7

For Hannah and Ranelle, meaning doesn’t come from how expensive a piece of jewellery is, but relates to the person who gave it to them and the story behind why it was given. Hannah: “All the pieces I keep safe in my jewellery box have some kind of story behind them, ranging from my christening bracelet to a silver charm bracelet when I was 18.” Ranelle: “I have a gold necklace with a small pearl attached, my Grandma had bought it for me and kept it safe asking my Grandad to give me after she passed away. I never took it off, it helps me feel connected to her and I know she is always with me.”


They both hope people feel confident and beautiful wearing their designs. Ranelle: “I always had the belief that it’s important to feel confident in your own skin! Whether you’re round, square, whatever you may be; be bold and feel beautiful in and out, and that will shine through! The main thing to remember is that it’s what’s inside that really counts -  then you can always dress that up with a little glitter and gold!"


What does the future hold for Puck Wanderlust?

They’ve only just started their journey as jewellery designers, but they know exactly what they want to achieve from the brand. Hannah: “As well as loving gems and shiny things, we started Puck because we want to give something back. There’s a huge movement happening in India at the moment, which encourages women into the workforce. The idea is to train women in different skill sets, who then work as master trainers for other women, causing a ripple effect. We’re currently investigating how we can get involved - watch this space!” Ranelle: “We have loads of up and coming collaborations and avenues which we are exploring so we will definitely not be standing still.”


Puck Wanderlust is available to shop on Jewelstreet here.  



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