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Keepsake Jewellery: 5 Memorable Lockets

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Lockets are the perfect way to keep your most cherished memories close to your heart at all times. Here at Jewelstreet, the selection of lockets is vast, from a charming memory keeper locket that opens up to reveal a row of photographs, to an updated and unique see-through design from London’s Dower & Hall; these are our favourite lockets that we’re lusting over right now. Shop all Locket Pendants.





Golden Flock Locket

Jana Reinhardt Jewellery, Worthing, UK ​

The front of this intricately designed locket is made from a charming flock of birds, through which you can get a glimpse of what lies within. The inside of the locket can be engraved with a special name or phrase of your choice; perfect for giving as a personalised gift to a loved one.


Golden Flock Locket



Cherish What’s Inside Locket

Dower & Hall, London, UK​

Encapsulating the current demand for modern-day heirlooms, London brand Dower & Hall have turned the traditional locket design completely on its head to create this unique pendant. The locket is set with sapphire crystal glass on the front and back, and within the transparent window locket are tiny floating treasures. An updated take on the classic locket.








Memory Keeper Locket

Lily Blanche, Stirling, UK​

Handcrafted in 18kt yellow gold vermeil with meticulous attention to detail, Lily Blanche’s Memory Keeper Locket opens up to reveal 6 photographs. The heirloom-style piece has two interlocking ‘arms’ that gently unlock, allowing the sphere to unfold its secrets. The locket is also available in sterling silver and rose gold.



Memory Keeper Locket




Silver and Gold Boxing Hare Locket

By Emily, London, UK​

This unassuming and understated satin finish locket opens up to reveal a delightful secret; two 18kt gold vermeil boxing hares that bounce playfully on springs. Taking its inspiration from the beloved novel, The Secret Garden, this necklace is a wearable piece with a charming secret.



Silver and Gold Boxing Hare Locket




Rose Gold Solid Perfume Locket

Taylor Black, Cheltenham, UK ​

Inspired by designer Philippa Taylor’s interest in fragrance and Victorian trinkets, this Faberge egg style pendant is an updated version of the traditional Victorian pomander, ready to be filled with solid perfume.



Rose Gold Solid Perfume Locket



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